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12 Call Features Your CRM Must Have

By Ankit Dungriyal 24th July 2019

One of the easiest and quickest ways to provide support to a prospect or a customer is a chat window or a chatbot on your website. But when the conversations start to become more interesting, they want to speak to a human. Sometimes setting a call centre solution, costs way more than the benefits it can provide. This is where the need of call feature in CRM comes in. It does not only have low setup cost but also useful in various other purposes.

CRM software has drastically increased the efficiency of a sales team to stay on the top. One should keep on exploring new features and make strategies that add to their advantage. Providing an extra edge to your sales team with call features in your CRM would eliminate the overhead cost.

Call Features of CRM

Here are some call features that a CRM must have

Set-up an IVR

Reduce the time required by the workforce to answer the routine queries. By setting up an IVR automation you can reduce the workload on the sales rep which allows him to focus on other sales activities. It can also route calls to your sales rep whenever requested by the customer. This call feature is also helpful in running marketing campaigns.

Send SMS

SMS feature in CRM adds one more channel of communication with customers. It could be helpful in sending notifications to customers and running a marketing campaign. SMS, as the name suggests, are short and can be read quickly.

Record your calls

As a head/manager, you can maintain a close tab on the type of conversation your team is carrying with the client. Further, this would help you in channelising the training program. It would provide audit control and a means to identify the loopholes especially when the targets are not achieved.

Improved conversion rate

Improve your conversion rate with a local phone number as people trust a local incoming more than an international one. It is more likely for a call to be answered if it is a local call.

Toll-Free Number

Get a toll-free number where your customers can reach you anytime. Having a single number they would not have to find multiple channels to reach you. This would lead to a better user experience.

Voice mails

Pre-record a message, which you can send multiple times whenever your call is dropped or not connected. This feature saves a lot of time as sending a unique voice mail for every call decreases the efficiency of a sales rep.

Call Reminders

Set call activities in your CRM so that you don’t miss out on a client. Also, you can get notification minutes before the call so that you are prepared for it. You can set call reminders for Hot leads, or your unresponsive leads.

Call Matrix

Instead of manually maintaining call log CRM feature allows you to automatically create call logs and track the duration. This is very helpful when you want to check past history with the client. You can also track call lifetime matrix and see billing reports to keep a check on the cost incurred in a sales process.

Use your existing number

You can easily migrate your number to your CRM software and use it to make calls. This enables to get all the call features of a CRM on your phone number.

Dial with a single click

Instead of dialling a number every time you make a call you can simply call them with a click of a mouse. This click to call feature has an incremental advantage with every call you make and adds up to your ability to make more conversions.

Call transfer and forwarding

It often happens that your client wants to speak with your senior. Instead of making them wait you can simply transfer the call to the right person and get back to your work.

Reports of calls

Get reports of your calls which may include, average time per call, number of calls made in a day, conversion rate. These insights can help a manager to make suitable strategies and set targets and KPIs for your teams.

Make call to your prospect and improve your sales cycle

To sum up, a call feature in CRM can be very helpful when it comes to customer satisfaction and reducing operating cost. Bulbul CRM comes with calling capability which not only helps you in providing support to your existing customers but also optimises your sales process which in turn will improve your brand image and increase in revenue.

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