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How to upgrade your catering business model in and after the COVID-19 era?

By Tannu Sharma 11th May 2020

As the Coronavirus outbreak continues to ravage the world, we all know that nothing would be as usual. In this re-negotiating phase of society, we are intended to embrace the changes.  During the recovery stage, businesses begin to tide the past and current crisis by making some needed amendments in their existing business model.

The roadmap to mitigate losses and scaling up with the upcoming challenges needs to be strategized and curated in a way; that maximum profitable visible results could be achieved. Talking upfront about the Catering business model; a swift transition of operational processes is required to lead the challenges!

The big change in perception

The new normal thinking process of your customers would weigh heavily towards the cleanliness, hygiene, and on-time safe delivery of the services. The wary and concern would take a 360o turn shift towards the assurance of overall quality, SOPs, and hygienic offerings. There would be no surprise to expect the next level of scrutiny from your customers; owing to the current COVID-19 nightmares.  Here are a few points to remember, before resuming your catering business operations:

  • Hygiene standards of merchants and their merchants need to be taken into consideration
  • Supply chain management processes need to focus on-demand 
  • Panic-stricken customers will never compromise with the implementation of standard practices such as the use of safety measures- gloves, masks, hand sanitizers.

Tookan empowers the new change in your existing Catering business model

The raised alarms of COVID-19 outbreak would let the majority of your customers to stay inside their homes; even after lockdown uplifts. How will it impact your business model?

With people more inclined towards staying at home and preferring doorstep services- you need to transit your processes in a dynamic way; so that you could reach the customers precisely.

In your transition process, Tookan can help you to empower your performance via its diligent implementation. 

Track the services delivery from on-premises to off-premises

Tookan offers you a tech-stack for tracking the complete order fulfillment cycle- order received, dispatched and delivered!  A single click can make it easy to lessen your burden of tracking individual orders and the delivery agents. Hence, from on-premises to off-premises you can take charge of real-time actions being performed. 

Migrating to the best route for order delivery

As soon as you shift your business to the doorstep delivery business model; there is a chance that you might bear an additional cost of fuel consumption, manpower hiring for delivery. To make sure that you reach a smart way of dealing with these expenses, Tookan can help you to minimize the burden. Here is an exclusive feature of route optimization that allows you to plan and execute the most efficient route for delivery, contributing to avoiding unnecessary expenses.

Facilitating automating operations

For years, the catering industry has looked for redefining efficiency in terms of speed-of-services, on-time delivery, manpower performances! In these changing times, more emphasis would be placed on safety, hygiene, and on-demand timely delivery of services over other aspects. As a response to the current and upcoming requirements; catering businesses need to retaliate by opting for automation processes. Tookan plays a significant role in letting your business fit in the shoes of the market demands. You can pick the auto-assigned feature that will make the delivery process quick and seamless for the long run. 

Settling in these unsettled times

COVID-19 is still here but as a responsible individual and industry, we need to get back to work sooner. The debate here is how we make the comeback. Is our business geared up to cater to the needs of emotionally unsettled customers and employees! Are we technically strong to address the objections and anticipate promptly their concerns? All these aspects will be a deciding factor to ensure that the catering industry will return to normalcy and profitability!

Still have any doubts or are willing to hire the services of Tookan, for better results- connect with us! 

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