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The Intracity logistics and Tookan’s role in boosting supply chain efficiency

By Zeba Yasmeen 5th January 2023

Businesses must strategize how they handle their supply chain in order to reap the benefits of good governance. The majority of businesses rely heavily on supply chain management, and it is crucial for them to be well-prepared for future economic and social challenges. Having a reliable logistics delivery system is essential for businesses to remain competitive. With good logistics delivery strategies in place, businesses can improve the flow of materials within their supply chain and reduce operating costs. 

This has always been the case until recently when a new phrase was created to help with supply chain improvement. It was intracity logistics. Do you know what it is?

What is Intracity logistics/Intra City delivery and why is it important?

Intracity logistics

Although different businesses have different definitions of “intralogistics,” the fundamental idea is always the same. Intralogistics, in its simplest form, is the automation and optimization of all information within a distribution center or warehouse. Delivering packages in 30 minutes is just one aspect of intra-city logistic delivery. 

It involves overcoming genuine business obstacles. It focuses on acquiring the abilities required to execute any kind of goods movement, regardless of scale or size. In order to deliver packages and goods more quickly and effectively, intralogistics, also known as intracity logistics, involves coordinating processes, people, inventory, and equipment.

Now, let’s take a look at why intracity logistics should be adopted.

Control over the supply chain process

An organization owns all aspects of logistics, including the warehouse, vehicle fleet, and retail facility, when it takes the intracity delivery or intralogistics process in-house. Due to the industry’s high volume demands, it is simple to adapt to changes, which lowers inefficiencies and may help increase productivity.

Cost reduction

Working with an FMC (Fleet Management Company) comes with a variety of cost-cutting services, such as fleet evaluations, telematics, and GPS software, safety management tools, fuel-saving initiatives, and more. Additionally, operations can be streamlined, which can further cut costs, when a company owns the entire middle-mile delivery route. 

Gain competitive advantage

It can be challenging for smaller businesses to provide order fulfillment services that are comparable to those provided by Walmart or Amazon. Smaller businesses can take complete control of the process with middle-mile management, speeding up delivery and enabling them to make adjustments as necessary.

Future-proof your business

The trend of micro-fulfillment is here to stay, and warehouses that employ an intracity logistic strategy are well-positioned to profit from it. Intracity logistic warehouses can perform the role of micro-fulfillment centers without affecting their core business operations by automating crucial business processes and increasing overall operational agility.

Better customer service

Customers can access information and track their orders, as was already mentioned. When logistics delivery companies do not experience downtime, vendor chargebacks, or scheduling issues, customer satisfaction goes up significantly. Typically, logistics services guarantee high-quality instant delivery and drivers who excel as your company’s customers’ first point of contact.

Now, let’s read how Tookan can help you optimize your supply chain with a new extension that’s been launched just recently for full control of your supply chain.

How to optimize your supply chain with Tookan logistics

Tookan logistics extension now supports intra-city middle and last-mile delivery management. It manages and lets you track deliveries which improves the efficiency of your supply chain. This extension lets you digitize all your deliveries and hubs with a live-tracking feature for your customers. 

Using this feature you can:

  • Set up Hubs on Tookan Dashboard and automate your middle and last-mile deliveries.
  • Organize your agents into logical groups to efficiently manage your field operations.
  • Create Consignment on Tookan Dashboard by combining multiple tasks to be delivered at a particular hub.

Internalize middle mile & last-mile logistics

Bring middle mile and last mile logistics in-house for complete control so you can oversee the procedures more directly. The final mile frequently costs the most money and takes the longest. The last-mile delivery represents 53% of your overall shipping costs, so it’s critical to ensure that everything up until that point is organized and effective. Later, when you have more knowledge about how to cut last-mile shipping and delivery costs, this direct control over your middle-mile logistics pays off.

Tookan has launched a new feature that allows you to have a complete check on your supply chain where both intracity & last-mile deliveries can be monitored effectively. Here’s a detailed video for a better understanding.

Maximize warehouse operations using a warehouse management system (WMS).

In order to maintain intracity logistics efficiency, it is essential to be able to locate and prepare items before they are even loaded onto the truck. By keeping track of inventory and order fulfillment levels, a warehouse management system (WMS), like Tookan,  can make it simple for you to track products in your warehouse. You can track when new inventory is received and shipped using WMS. When you have that much control over your warehouse operations, 

To expedite deliveries, use route optimization software.

With the aid of route optimization software, you can instantly determine the quickest delivery routes for your drivers and lower the likelihood of human error, which would otherwise slow down your vital final delivery steps. The software uses automation to assist you in organizing the order of pickups and stops your drivers must make during delivery, helping you to stick to delivery windows and reduce overtime. 

Future of Intracity logistics:

Intracity logistics is a topic that businesses are becoming more and more interested in. To ensure that their supply chains run smoothly, businesses with warehouses in various locations need to optimize the final link in the chain.

Route optimization, telematics, and automation are just a few of the exciting opportunities for growth of intralogistics. To cut costs, boost productivity, and meet demand, more companies are switching to in-house delivery and working with a fleet management company.

Final words:

With Tookan logistics, Tookan is now applicable for use cases that involve hub management, and for logistics businesses as well. It allows you to set up Hubs on Tookan Dashboard and automate the intracity and last-mile deliveries. 

Multiple consignments can now be created on the Tookan Dashboard by combining different tasks that are to be delivered at a particular hub.

Inefficient planning can slow down the supply chain process. Businesses must coordinate delivery drivers with the packages that need to be picked up and delivered from various facilities during the middle mile. For last-mile delivery, a well-planned schedule in the intracity logistics can keep things on track. 

Therefore, the new feature — Tookan logistics can help you plan an effective supply chain process.

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