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What Are The Best Delivery Management Software of 2023?

By Vishal Thakur 12th January 2023

The on-demand delivery business is a great way to tap into the growing market and run a sustainable enterprise. But like any other business, you need the right software and tools to manage your day-to-day operations seamlessly.

With a delivery business, you need to track orders, manage your fleet efficiently, incentivize driver-partners, and optimize your delivery services for better profits.

All this is only possible when you have the best delivery management software to support your business.

When comparing different delivery management systems, there are a few things you need to take note of.

best delivery management software: Tookan

The features offered, the cost of licensing the software, the after-sale customer support, and the ease of use are some of the points to consider when looking at delivery management software.

To help you find the right delivery management system for your needs, we have compiled some of the best delivery management software for 2020.


Tookan is an end-to-end delivery management solution that allows you to streamline your operations and increase your workforce efficiency with a robust set of tools, features, and extensions.

Best described as the complete tool for all your delivery management needs, Tookan offers smart and cost-effective ways to simplify local deliveries.

best delivery management software: Tookan

One of the most significant advantages of Tookan’s delivery management software is its customizable dashboard.

As the admin/dispatcher, you can do the following from the dispatch dashboard:

  • Generate barcodes for single or multiple delivery orders 
  • Regulate communication between your business and customers
  • Create multiple geofences
  • Customize freight management software
  • Automate recurring tasks
  • Manage inventory
  • Track long-haul delivery and much more

Tookan’s dedicated app for field agents is also packed to the brim with features designed to make their jobs easier and more efficient.

Features that stand out include digital signature collection, barcode scanning, task notifications, agent capacity management, and agent wallet.

Apart from these features, Tookan also supports several extensions, including customer support, utility, payment, route optimization, SMS, and many others.


RoadWarrior is a multi-stop route planning and dispatching software that allows teams or individual delivery agents to cut downtime on the road.

Using the RoadWarrior app, delivery dispatchers can create, optimize, and share routes with drivers.

The dispatchers can also monitor and track the status of each ongoing delivery and update the route if necessary.

best delivery management software: Tookan

RoadWarrior also has a dedicated driver app using which drivers can log each completed delivery and keep track of their overall progress.

Using the RoadWarrior app, delivery dispatchers can also use their API access to automate daily tasks and get their drivers to move faster.

Other features of the delivery management app include unassigned stops, detailed analytics, and progress tracking.


FarEye a SaaS platform that empowers delivery businesses to organize, optimize, and track their delivery operations, FarEye is another popular delivery management SaaS software.

Some standout benefits of FarEye’s logistics platform include last-mile tracking, real-time visibility, multi-business collaboration, order orchestration, and much more.

Businesses can optimize their delivery operations using this predictive logistics platform that is used across over 150 different vertices, including food and grocery delivery, manufacturing, courier and parcel delivery, retail, and more.

best delivery management software: Tookan

FarEye optimizes logistics by boosting seamless communication, creating predictive visibility, allowing for single touch workflows, optimizing delivery routes, and offering real-time tracking.

The logistics platform does it all while helping businesses improve their customers’ delivery experience.


GSMtasks was established in 2000, GSMtasks is an Estonia-based delivery management software provider that specializes in planning and analyzing deliveries for on-demand businesses and courier delivery companies.

This delivery routing management software, with a dedicated drivers app, a robust dispatchers dashboard, driver tracking for customers, and automated SMS notifications, is well suited to tackle all delivery-related complications.

GSMtasks focuses on improving customer experience and expectations by ensuring their orders reach them on time.

To do this, they engage their powerful route optimizer that identifies and then highlights the fastest possible route for drivers.

Apart from customer satisfaction, GSMtasks’ delivery tracking system also reduces operational costs and eases the strain on company resources.

Using this delivery management software, which is available on both mobile and desktop, you can obtain accurate routing data such as cost per delivery, task completion time, and average delivery time for individual drivers.


Circuit’s delivery management software, Circuit for Teams, is packed with best-in-class features, including route optimization, driver tracking, accurate ETAs, recipient notifications, and more.

Circuit for Teams is designed for any business that manages drivers and schedules deliveries and pickups.

best delivery management software: Tookan

The delivery management system features innovative task allotment solutions designed to optimize operations while saving your time and money.

With the proof of delivery feature, you can access recipient names, signatures, and photo proof for every completed delivery.

Circuit’s advanced delivery management software also allows you to include priority deliveries in your daily list so that a driver can be assigned to the task at the right time.

With Circuit, you’re also assured of accurate ETAs, which comes in handy when the driver has multiple stops.

Some other features that make Circuit a great delivery management system are spreadsheet import, driver swapping between routes, and much more.


This rounds up our list of some of the best delivery management software that can help you create a functional delivery app.

As you can see, there are a lot of options available for you to choose from. When making your choice, carefully evaluate your requirements and then take a call.

Have more questions about how to start a delivery app for your on-demand delivery business? Get in touch with experts today.

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