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Top 5 Route Optimization Softwares of 2023

By Vishal Thakur 7th January 2023

Before we dive into the top 5 Route optimization software list, let’s understand what is a Route optimization software, generally called a route planning software.

A Route planning software is a tool that helps to plan and optimize transportation routes. It considers various factors such as distance, time, traffic, and vehicle capabilities to determine the most efficient route. The software is used by businesses, delivery services, and individuals to improve the efficiency of their operations and reduce travel time and costs.

Route Planning software

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According to the global delivery route optimization software, the market was valued at $2,905 million in 2016 and it is expected to reach $9,447 million by 2023. 

So, do you have to manage the field sales, along with the management of collecting the items from the logistics company and getting them delivered right away to the customer’s doorstep? Do you want to make it easier for yourself?  

The only solution to cut down your stress is a route optimization software. The route planning software plans the routing for the delivery, which helps you increase the operational efficiency of your organization. 

Route Optimization Software

Well, it’s true that “The less you spend on the road, the more your sales increase.” So, your businesses need to get an efficient route planner with multiple management software to cut down the driving cost and increase productivity.

Key Features of Delivery Route Planning App. 

  • Route Optimization – Optimizing the multi-stop or intersection helps the drivers in the most efficient way. 
  • Route Monitoring – Regular monitoring routes increase transparency and cuts down the inefficiencies. 
  • Customer Update – A regular customer update on the arrival of their product via SMS or text messages. 
  • Delivery proof – Collecting the signature of the customer or the photograph of the package on the delivery spot ensures the product has been delivered.
  • Delivery constraints – Planning the route with specific delivery constraints such as vehicle size, capacity, etc. 

Further, I have gathered 5 different route planning software to discover what they offer, how they are different from each other, and how they help the businesses to increase their efficiency in their sales. Let’s get started with the list. 

Top 5 Route Optimization Software Are:

TookanPowerful analytics with easy navigation
CircuitCreate a full loop and optimize up to 1000 routes. 
Route4MeMileage and GPS tracking
OptimoRouteLive to track with API integration
RouteXLDrag and drop feature with ease of use. 


Tookan is a delivery management software that helps businesses to streamline their dispatch operations and facilitate better communication between managers and delivery drivers. It allows its users to track real-time orders and facilitates itself with automated notifications for drivers. Tookan allows businessmen to assign, schedule, and optimize delivery routes from a centralized platform. Tookan does facilitate integration with various third-party apps. 

Route Optimization

Route Optimization Software - Tookan

Tookan offers an administrative dashboard. It allows its users to receive automated notifications. Tookan helps to optimize the best route for faster delivery service. It helps you to create end-to-end delivery management. 

Route Monitoring

Managers can view agent availability with its mobile application features. The manager too can review the task details such as delivery time, location, task description, or order type. It also facilitates real-time tracking. It also allows the business to analyze the performance of fleets and drivers using actionable analytics.

Customer Update

Tookan allows its managers to track the driver’s location and send a text message or SMS to customers about the arrival of their products. The SMS will contain a URL that will allow the customer to direct to the order tracking page. 

Proof of delivery

Using Tookan users can collect feedback and ratings from clients after the completion of an order. It also facilitates scanning barcodes, adding notes or images, and collecting customers’ digital signatures to confirm order completion. It helps them to gain insight into the customer’s experience with the brand. 

Pricing Plans

Tookan offers four tiers of pricing plan as Early state, startup, growth, and standards. Its early state cost $29 per month with 200 tasks, its startup has $89 with 700 tasks, its growth plan has $189 with 2000 tasks per month, and its standard plan costs around $359 which facilitates 5000 per month. 


  • Route Optimization
  • Real-time tracking
  • Powerful analytics
  • Easy Navigation
  • Automatic barcode generations
  • Geofencing


  • Create recurring tasks
  • Support several third-party applications. 
  • Customized field templates
  • Different methods of collecting proof of delivery. 
  • Optimize from a centralized platform. 


  • Manual download of the database
  • Customizations are a little expensive


Circuit route optimization software can be used by businesses that need to plan the route with multiple stops. It helps in improving efficiency in your delivery operations. The circuit meets all the points required by the route optimization software. It uses sophisticated technology that combines updated current traffic conditions with updated map data plans to optimize the order of your delivery route, saving you up to 25% in time and fuel.

Route Optimization – It simulates thousands of different route combinations to help you to find the best route for yourself. Route optimization is a significant time-saver. It helps you to optimize the route and then drive to the preferred navigated route. Using the circuit you can create a full-loop route. 

Route Monitoring – Circuit’s route monitoring features help you to navigate the location of your driver in the context of their route. It has updated GPS tracking to identify the driver’s geographic location. 

Customer Update – Circuit can also send delivery updates directly to the customer. It reduces the risk of failed deliveries as once a driver starts their route, recipients get a text or email of their ETA. The customer is provided by the link and to check the tracking web page. 

Proof of delivery – With Circuit app, drivers can:

  • Collect a customer’s signature, 
  • Mark the left package in a mailbox
  • Take a photograph for additional verification. 

Once the driver delivers the item can update the details on the circuit. 

Pricing Plans 

Circuit offers free routes for up to 10 stops. 

For longer roots, you need to have a plan for it. The circuit allows the subscription in three different categories such as dispatch recipient and premium. Its subscription allows you to optimize unlimited routes up to 500 stops; it was only available for Android devices.

Features of circuit 

  • Optimize up to 1000 stops
  • Set stop time windows
  • Set first/last Stop. 
  • Set stop priority level
  • Helps to find the best route


  • Easy to use.
  • Accessible on different platforms 
  • The software is well designed and efficient.
  • It is a versatile product.
  • Outlook integration is a good feature.
  • Great for geographically distributed teams. 


  • Price is high
  • No customization option 


Route4Me is a comprehensive and customizable delivery route planning solution for your business. It allows significant customization. 

It is very popular among service techs and delivery operations. Route4Me allows mileage tracking, which helps you document the total distance driven to meet clients. It also allows you to track your drivers’ itinerary to avoid employee fraud.

Route Optimization

Route4Me includes a level for single-person routes and a different level for multi-person routes and lets you optimize with specific constraints, such as avoiding traffic. Once a route is entered, the dispatch route can manually move customers across routes.

Route Monitoring

Route4Me offers a tool to monitor and supervise drivers who rush or drive too fast. It also collects driver data and saves it into the dashboard for your future reference. Using it, you can easily compare the travel times or map out where drivers deviated from their routes. 

Customer Updates

Route4Me uses geofencing. It allows you to set up parameters around your customer’s location, to enable the driver to find the specific location easily, along with informing your customers about the arrival of their delivery. 

Proof of delivery

Route4Me allows the drivers to collect the signatures on their mobile devices. The signatures appear automatically on each corresponding stop in the app. Along with the update of signature, it allows the drivers to accompany the median along with the signature as a note. 

Pricing Plans

Route4Me offers three tiers such as

  • Route Management (which doesn’t feature route optimization), costs around $149/mo.
  • Route Optimization tier (optimizes single-person routes), costs around $199/mo. 
  • Route Optimization Plus tier includes the pro features, costs around $299/mo. 

Effective features of Route4Me are:

  • Route Planning
  • Mileage Tracking
  • Order Management
  • Customer Database
  • Employee Management
  • Reports
  • GPS Tracking


  • Optimized routes, 
  • Easy access to the database
  • Increased return on investment (RoI)


  • Clearance of data after the free trial gets over. 
  • No options for color coding or customization. 


OptimoRoute offers all the 5 key points. It helps the field service and delivery businesses to offer great service. OptimoRoute optimizes routes in a matter of seconds. OptimoRoute offers an endless supply of tricks, features, and shortcuts that flex to your unique needs and workflows. All you need to do is plan the route, upload a file and OptimoRoute will boot up the list of routes in seconds. 

Route Optimization

OptimoRoute optimizes your route including and specifying several constraints such as travel duration, driver work times, and many more. The data required to enter on the OptimoRoute can be entered manually or upload a spreadsheet over it. Depending on the plans, you can choose up to 250 stops or 750+ stops.

Route Monitoring

OptimoRoute offers live ETA. It also enables you to have a look at the activity of the driver and get a day full of lists of deliveries done by him along with the time on a spreadsheet. The spreadsheet gets stored on your dashboard for your future reference. 

Customer Updates

OptimoRoute allows you to send an email to your customers, text messages, or notifications. OptimoRoute includes a URL with the following message,  to help the customer to get to the website tracking page directly and track their order. It allows the customers to get updated with recent ETAs.

Proof of Delivery 

With real-time delivery documentation, OptimoRoute allows one to capture digital signatures, photos & notes in the Mobile App for claims resolution and better customer service.

Pricing Plans 

OptimoRoute has three different plans. The Starter plan allows you to order 250 tasks but not offering live tracking or API integration. In the Business plan, you can plan 500 orders, but eliminates customers’ real-time tracking of their order. In the Enterprise plan, you get all of OptimoRoute’s features and you can plan 750+ orders at once.


  • Automated Planning 
  • Eliminate driver and vehicle cost
  • Live tracking and ETA 
  • Real-time order tracking 
  • Mobile App for drivers
  • Realtime Route Modification 
  • Weekly Planning
  • Analytics 
  • API integration 


  • Fast and accurate
  • Flexible
  • Live data from the field
  • Seamless growth 


  • Difficult in planning multiple software
  • Difficulty in adjusting the route. 


RouteXL provides the basic service. It offers free route optimization up to 20 stops but does not feature route monitoring, no customer updates, no mobile app, and neither any proof of delivery features.

Route Optimization 

Route optimization helps you to optimize ab 220 stops free and after that, it requires a paid plan. RouteXL uses two types of geocoding: free and premium. RouteXL allows you to enter the address of the customer and it finds this route for yourself. 

The optimized route can be sent to the driver in the following ways: 

  • Print: It allows you to print the report and hundred to your driver before starting their delivery service.
  • Email: The route can also be made to the driver’s email and using the link driver can open it from any browser. 
  • Fulfillment: Using RouteXL you can text the driver the link, and using that URL driver can get access to the route.  It is a simple system that shows the stops, scheduled arrival times, and delivery options.

Pricing Plans 

RouteXL offers free route optimization up to 20 stops or less. If you want up to 100 stops per route, it’s roughly $38 per month. 200 stops per route are $76.35 per month (70 euros).


  • Drag & Drop
  • Live Driver Tracking


  • Ease of use. 
  • Ability to add multiple stops and location 


  • Lacks the customer update 
  • No monitoring feature. 


Delivery route planning is all about optimizing multiple routes. Depending on your deliveries, you could be looking to create optimized routes with special constraints, so the above ones could help you out. The mentioned tools and software can help you to plan the best route for your service. 

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