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How to Start Online Delivery for an Existing Business?

By Aastha Malhotra 23rd December 2020

Are you looking to start online delivery for your business? Interestingly, this is the right time for you to launch an online delivery business, and you have come to the right place to make it happen. In this blog, we will look at the importance of efficient delivery, ways to enhance your delivery business, and a roadmap to start online delivery services for your existing business.

Delivery services are useful for several businesses, and in today’s day and time, it is a must-have for most businesses. Whether it’s food, apparel, furniture, cabs, or grocery, with the current pandemic of COVID-19, consumers want products and services delivered to their homes. Is your business efficiently providing these products/services at their doorstep? Worry not if that is not the case.

JungleWorks have got you covered since it provides one of the best delivery management software, Tookan, for all your businesses. Tookan can assist 29 industries, namely Pick & Delivery, Food Delivery, Medical Pharmacy, Grocery Delivery, Beauty Services, Flower Delivery, Home Service, Fleet Management, Cleaning Services, and many more to automate processes, modernize experiences and connect your organization. To expand your business with online delivery services, Tookan is here to help!

Start Online Delivery Service

1. Build Your Online Presence 

First and foremost, your business needs an online platform. If you haven’t already established yourself on the web, do it now. Online presence is essential because you should be easily accessible to your customers, and an e-commerce website is the most efficient way to reach consumers from anywhere.

Ecommerce has been gaining popularity for many years, which means there are many software packages and lots of literature available to guide you through this process. Some of the most user-friendly softwares are WordPress and Wix. You can use these tools to design your website.

Before you start using the tools, you need to decide what your brand stands for and how the new online store will reflect it. The online competition is rising and you will need a strong USP (uniques selling point) that differentiates you from the competition. Think about it and experiment during the trial period.

Another up and coming online platform is an online marketplace. An online marketplace is a website where businesses and third-party sellers list their products and services for buyers to choose from and purchase. A classic example of an online marketplace would be Amazon, Zomato, etc. Online Marketplace allows you to take your business online by allowing you to target and sell products and services directly to your customers.

Let’s look at some of the benefits of an online marketplace for existing businesses:

  • Low Cost of Investment
  • Reach Booster
  • Minimal Personnel
  • Easy Marketing Opportunities
  • Limitless Growth

One of the best platforms to create an online marketplace is Yelo. Yelo is armed with features like an ordering dashboard, customer mobile apps, real-time order tracking, and much more.

2. Choose the Right Delivery Management Software 

In order to grow your business in this competitive world, your execution process has to be perfect. One of the most important parts of this execution process is the delivery of your product or service.

Your business plan is now in place. All you need is a software to set up the online delivery services. For this purpose, you require centralized delivery management software. It will aid you with contactless delivery, multiple payment options, smart capacity management and will allow you to schedule, automate, live-track, and monitor deliveries from one place to another.

This step is of utmost importance. You need to carefully screen through your options and select a complete toolkit that matches your management needs. The right delivery service provider should incorporate the following features:

  • Dispatch Dashboard from where you manage your business operations with a centralized view
  • Service App for every field agent to work efficiently
  • Extensions, i.e., apps to solve your business needs
  • Tracker so that you can track the orders for better management

To get a first-hand experience of all these features and to see a mock-up of how you can improve your delivery business, sign up with Tookan for a free trial here.

Start online delivery of your products

3. Measure Your Performance 

Analysis of business performance is as important as the execution process. To improve your online delivery business and increase customer satisfaction, you have to measure and analyze the entire delivery process. On that account, the following are the factors to look at:

Reduce Delivery Time and Maximize Output

Only promising delivery options is not going to help you get through to the customer. You need to fulfill your promise. You have to make sure that with minimum resources, you are producing optimum results. Dropping off an order at the right time, or for some brownie points drop it off before time to gain higher customer satisfaction.

To learn more about how to reduce delivery time and maximize output, click here!

Track Order 

Tracking constantly updates the status of the orders. This helps to ensure that delivery agents are working efficiently and not hoarding their tasks. If faced with any difficulty, this real-time tracking feature makes it easy to solve the problem effectively. It also provides the customer with the live status of their order.

Route Optimization 

Route Optimization is the process of determining the most cost and time-effective route to deliver a product or service. You can do this by using delivery routing software or a delivery app. One such software is Tookan, with which you can optimize delivery routes and schedules, allocate resources for specific orders, automate logistics, provide service apps to agents and enable extensions.

Successfully deliver online

By following this three-fold approach to start online delivery services for your business, you are sure to see some very fruitful results.

Worry not; you aren’t alone in this process. We are here to guide you through each of these processes. Have questions about how Yelo can help you create an online marketplace and how Tookan can help you manage online delivery? Reach out to our experts today and get started on your online journey.

Why Is An Efficient Delivery Important for Business Growth?

Earlier delivery of goods used to take 7-10 working days. However, as technology evolved, customer expectations increased.

Along with product variety, customers also want more delivery options. This has led to a change in attitude towards how delivery should work. Options such as next day delivery aren’t just a perk anymore, it is expected. So, if your delivery business isn’t providing a variety of delivery options, it could be missing out on a lot of potential customers.

Systematic delivery is very crucial as it is the last physical touchpoint between the product and consumer. If the last stage is not satisfactory, it will not only leave a negative impression of your product but also of your brand. Such experiences make the customer lose interest and thus not repurchase from your brand. To avoid this, you should make sure that your delivery management system is up to the mark and profitable.

With Tookan, you get an overview of all the tasks and orders being assigned. This feature enables you to monitor your fleet’s behavior in real-time. Know your fleet’s end-to-end driving behavior from idling vehicle time, rash driving & much more.

If you enjoyed reading this, we’re sure you will also love checking out what we have in store on our Youtube channel. You can also head to our home page for more info!

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