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Does your business require a delivery software?

By Shivika Adlakha 6th January 2021
delivery software

Think about giving your business a delivery software to help you hold onto many activities from tracking to schedule, from assigning to managing routes and what not! Because such software can do it all for you. 

As we move ahead in time and see a quick rise in online delivery services and a considerable rise in getting everything at our doorstep, we need software to support our business. Such software not only assists you with management but also your customers to track their orders in real-time. From placing the order to getting it delivered, from ordering service to getting it fulfilled, one can track down all here! 

Delivery software can be a boon for your business as it can help not just you but also your customers. Consider it a substantial investment that will surely yield you better customer service and feedback. 

What kind of business requires online delivery service software? 

A business that needs a movement of the product or service from one location to another can require such software. Many businesses need a similar support system, just like ordering any product or service sitting at home. When a customer places the order for a product/service like clothes, food, essentials, pharmacy, grocery, medical assistance, free force management, or home services, all such businesses have an order placing system that helps the customer request an order/service. 

Once the customer has placed the order now, they would also want to know their delivery time and other tracking information. Such details can help them in their delivery, and in that case, a delivery software will help track their orders in real-time with a Geo-fence (a virtual parameter of a geographic area).

How does delivery software help different businesses? 

delivery software

A delivery software that offers assistance to both the admin and the customers works effectively with its variant features. Hence it accomplishes wonderfully for different types of users. Read below and understand the need for the same for some of these examples. 

Software for a Fleet Management Service: 

There are currently different names in the industry that are running their fleet management services at high speed. These names offer their services effectively to the customers and are ranking relatively high with their performance. 

These services perform various tasks like making a booking for a ride, assigning the rides to their agents, and getting managed by the managers/admins. They do it all with the delivery management software. They also offer customers to track their drivers and the admins to track their agents. 

Everything can be managed by one software, and that’s how we answer why we need a dispatch management system for such a business. Similarly, Tookan helps you set up a similar business idea offering you these services and much more. 

Software for a Food Delivery Business:

Everyone enjoys ordering food sitting at home, and when they are hungry, the eagerness to track the delivery person comes automatically with the order. But how do you allow your customers to track down their order from your food delivery app? 

The answer here shall be backing the application with a delivery management software that lets your customers track their order in real-time using a locator to show them the route towards the delivery location. 

The software also lets you optimize the delivery route whenever needed. So do not let your customer wait for long and make them enjoy their food delivery with ease. 

Software for a Multi-Service Delivery Business: 

delivery software

Suppose you would like to offer your customers a multi-service delivery option. In that case, it’s equally important to have many factors in control, like orders, assigning duties, agents, payments, customer feedback, and much more. To do a similar task, you would need software that will do it all for you. So, why not back your business with a helping hand and run your dream business smoothly. 

If you would like to read some used cases, please give a read to some of our listed cases to help you understand various business models and their benefits.

To sum it all up, a dispatch management system can work for any business whether it works around a delivery schedule or not, whether it offers a service delivery to its customer or product delivery. To make your business run with ease and efficiently, keeping your customers happy and satisfied, choosing delivery software will be the right decision. 

To get a better understanding about the product Tookan, check out the demo video!

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