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How Flightmap’s Endless Customizations Can Make Your App One-of-a-Kind

By Deepak Digwal 29th July 2020

These days, it is very common to find apps that make use of maps, location tracking, and route optimization. As an app developer, it can be difficult to identify the right maps SDK to adopt for your software. Flightmap is a custom mapping software that helps businesses navigate the world with precise location data and mapping solutions.

Flightmap boasts an intuitive setup that has been designed to appeal to developers who work with smart devices. It offers data-driven styles and intuitive analysis tools that deliver comprehensive location intelligence. The software lets you build and design maps as per your unique requirements. With customization options for design, UI/UX, data management, and more, Flightmap’s mapping solutions come with real-time support and can be molded to match the theme of the app.

All About Design

Every app has its own theme and design that represents the brand values of that enterprise. While setting up a map, it is important to ensure that its design aligns with the rest of the app. Flightmap offers numerous options for custom map design that makes map integration easier than ever.

  • Typography

Typography determines what users read and how they process the given information. It helps set the personality of the brand. Flightmap enables you to convey the personality of your app even on the map. The route mapping software provides numerous font options that are easy to customize. For clarity or effect, different fonts can be applied to different levels. You can change fonts for each map, depending on your use case or how you want it to look. For example, setting one font for city names and a different one for state names. 

  • Color

Colors create the first impression of a brand. Each color invokes a specific emotion or feeling in the mind of the user. It is therefore important to maintain a consistent color scheme throughout the app. Flightmap allows developers to adjust the colors simply and efficiently. The software also provides a set of theme templates that make it easier to design the map. The colors can be set to exhibit the best readability, brand value, and aesthetic appeal.

  • Custom Icons

The route planning software lets you customize the map through a carefully curated set of icons according to your points of interest. Highlight your place of business, brand outlets or any place of importance with icons. The icons can be personalized as per your requirements and work to ensure that important locations stand out to the user even in crowded localities.

Flightmap offers maps for businesses that are easy to customize. The interface is intuitive and can be navigated without prior technical knowledge. The software enables you to create unique-looking maps that can be integrated with any UI/UX or API.

More than Just Customization

This route planning software has more than just customization options. It provides a range of functionalities that are designed to help you improve business, streamline the data collection process and develop effective transportation strategies. The software caters to different use-cases by offering traffic-aware routing and route optimization strategies. It makes use of forward and reverses geocoding to give precise POI (Point of Interest) mapping.

With Flightmap, you get a range of functionalities and the best of design all on one platform. Adopt Flightmap and make your app a one-of-a-kind!

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