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Want to keep track of all your delivery rider’s transactions? Then the Agent wallet by Tookan is all you need!

By Parnicka Agarrwal 6th November 2020

Agent Wallet by Tookan (delivery management software) brings you the flexibility to keep a record of all the transactions done by an agent. It’s a seamless way to integrate the task pricing and earnings with the agent wallet. In this, Wallet refers to Pricing while Credits refers to Earning of the Task.

You have the following two options in the Agent Wallet:

  1. Enable Pricing
  2. Enable Earning
  1. Enable Pricing:
    Pricing once enabled in the wallet, records all the transactions corresponding to each task.  The pricing will be added or deducted  from the wallet depending upon the settings that you choose i.e. Debit From Wallet

    a) Disable – Debit From Wallet:
    If Debit from the wallet is disabled, the amount is added to the agent wallet for each task as per the pricing amount of the task. We have to set a Threshold Value for this. The threshold value is the limit amount once reached by the agent’s wallet will not allow any further task notifications to received by the agent. Admin/Manager has to debit the amount from the agent wallet on the dashboard manually. Following which agents will be able to get the new task notification again. 

This can be the perfect solution for the use cases where the agent takes cash on delivery and has to deposit back the money after the amount is collected (threshold amount in our case).

b) Enable – Debit From Wallet:
In this case, the admin/manager has to add some amount in the wallet for each agent. The amount deducted from the wallet for each task as per the pricing amount. Once the amount reaches Zero or Less, the agent won’t receive any further task notifications unless the admin/manager adds the more amount in the wallet.

Watch this video on Tookan Agent Wallet for better clarity. 

  2.   Enable Earning:
By enabling the earning with the agent wallet, all the transaction stores in the agent wallet corresponding to each task. The earning will add in the Credits for each task.

Use Wallet And Credit Difference As Threshold:
When we enable the Earning and disable the Debit from Wallet setting, a new option pops-up i.e. Use Wallet And Credit Difference As Threshold. The system calculates the threshold amount as the difference between Wallet and Credit in this case. 

To explain with the help of an example:
The current amount in the agent’s wallet is 1100 and in credits is 500. The threshold amount that we set is 1000 which means that in this case, the agent will not get the task notification as the wallet amount it’s greater than the threshold amount.

When we have enabled the toggle Wallet and Credit Difference As Threshold, then the actual threshold amount calculated as the difference between the wallet and credits amount i.e. 1100 – 500 = 600 This is less than the threshold amount and the agent will still be eligible to get the new task notification.


  1. These settings apply only to auto-allocated tasks. The system does not check the validation in case of manual assignment.
  2. The system records all the transactions in the Agent Wallet by default whether it’s Cash on Delivery Order or Pre-Paid Order. If you want to record a specific transaction then you have to send a field i.e. Online_Payment = 1 in the template field. The system does not consider the task to be added in the Agent wallet which has this template field for pricing.

Check out Tookan Agent Wallet now.

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