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Integrated with Best-In-Class Features for your Mapping Use-Cases

Traffic-Aware Updates

Enrich the modern in-app navigation tech and consider traffic congestion while optimizing tasks to achieve last-mile delivery.

Route Optimization

The advanced multi-vehicle route planning system will allow you to take into account the vehicle's capacity and a load of tasks in RO to avoid overloading.

Store Locator

Choose to add a store or place a locator map through custom style designs. Time to shout loud for your brand by putting your logo on markers.

Hybrid Maps

Get hybrid customization for your maps that integrated with the highly scalable & robust API's of best mapping platforms available n your region.

Minimize delays by aggregating the best mapping API's in one platform

  • Effectively Pinpoint the exact location

    With the help of forward and reverse geocoding, either get the latitude and longitude coordinates or identify the exact location.

  • Gain valuable insights through advanced reports

    Take appropriate decisions for your business based on individual API usage. Evaluate which region has maximum requests and know which API has the maximum number of calls or transactions.

  • Tailor your maps as per your need

    Customize your maps by adding multiple layers, themes, etc. through a curated set of components according to your points of interest.

Catering the Industry's best Mapping Use-Cases

  • Transportation Logistics

    Optimize route planning to avoid unnecessary fuel usage thereby reducing substantial costs to your business and improving time efficiency

  • Fleet Management

    Monitor overall performance with real-time visibilty and full customizations. Predict the traffic-aware ETA for your entire fleet and take informed decisions inorder to avoid friction.

  • Drone Technology

    Upload massive files of drone imagery to your maps on the web or mobile platform to automate drone mapping.

Smart solutions that we offer

  • Advanced Route Optimization

    Optimize your resource planning by delivering the fastest and shortest route possible

  • Smart Alerts API

    Provide instant updates about the real time information via pop-ups to your customers

  • Customizable Maps

    Customize our pre-defined maps or integrate our scalable mapping API's that suffice your need

Its high time for you to expand your reach

  • Multilingual support

    Support for more than 100 languages is also being provided along with the feature of localized search.

  • Improve Efficiency

    Enrich the modern navigation tech and minimize disruptions and delays by aggregating the best mapping API's, traffic aware routing, RO and Precise POI in one platform

  • Enterprise Grade Support

    24/7 service and support by our dedicated Technical specialists for answering all your queries.

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