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Are Delivery Riders Turning Into Robots? Jumping Into an Era of Delivery Through Robots and Drones!

By Gursumeet Kaur 30th May 2022

Autonomous delivery through robots and drones allows you to make your product distribution and supply chain cycles quicker and more affordable. A report finds that the market trends for robots and drones in logistics and delivery are likely to reach a staggering $83 and $334 billion in 2032 and 2042, respectively.

Drones & Robots: Sustainable Future of Logistics

The concept of flying delivery drones and running robots becoming a common delivery option can be difficult to envision. However, with huge environmental benefits, combined with increased delivery speed and reduced cost, it’s no wonder that every major logistics company is increasingly investing in this space to provide delivery through robots and drones, making this futuristic vision closer to reality.

drone delivery

The primary reasons to opt for autonomous deliveries are the prevention of human error as well as a substantial reduction in delivery time. E-commerce players face a variety of challenges when it comes to agent-driven deliveries. Fortunately, automating deliveries can resolve most of them without hassles. Some of the resolutions could be:

  • Promoting contactless deliveries
  • Saving delivery agents’ wages
  • Avoiding delivery agents’ misconduct, faced in some cases

Delivery Through Robots and Drones: E-commerce’s Need and Customer’s Appeal

Last-mile delivery in urban areas is typically expensive and unreliable, requiring trucks and vans to make frequent stops while adding to traffic congestion. As E-commerce continues to grow in popularity, many orders now contain just one or two small items, prompting online retailers and parcel delivery companies to pursue swifter, cheaper, and ideally, greener forms of delivery.

In terms of cost, robots and drones have different advantages over human drivers, particularly as they can work autonomously, day or night, and without wages or holidays, also saving vehicle fuel. Drones smoothly carry out the deliveries from retail warehouses to your final customers. According to a study, a large percentage of customers provided their approval to drone deliveries due to a new and interesting factor attached to them. Having products delivered aerially is still a relatively new concept for customers today. As a result, several customers may prefer drone deliveries over regular ones, even if that means that they may have to pay a premium price for it.

Uber Eats Experiments With Robotic Food Delivery

Uber Eats is now testing autonomous food delivery in the Los Angeles area. According to TechCrunch, Uber is collaborating with two companies to make this transition happen, i.e. Motional, an autonomous vehicle company, and Serve Robotics, an autonomous sidewalk delivery company. “We want to make Uber the best platform for all AV technology partners—to leverage the power and scale of Uber’s platform to bring safe, reliable autonomous technology to consumers around the world,” an Uber Eats spokesperson said in an email to Gizmodo. “These unique pilots are among our first steps to integrate autonomous technologies into Uber’s strategy to be the one global platform to help you go anywhere and get anything.”

ubereats robot delivery

While their customers would be excited to get their food delivered through robots, Ubereats is one of the companies setting an example for other food delivery giants. While charging customers for deliveries from both of its partners, Uber will include the cost of food in it, though in Motion’s case it’s not clear how it will do so. This is because deliveries in California using autonomous vehicles require a special permit from the Department of Motor Vehicles.

Walmart’s Significant Investment in DroneUp, the Nationwide On-Demand Drone Delivery Provider

This year, Walmart is extending drone delivery to six states, allowing many more consumers to receive a box of diapers or supper fixings in 30 minutes or less. For a delivery fee of $3.99, customers can order items totaling up to 10 pounds, so simply put, if it fits safely it flies. The Founder says, “I have always been driven to buck the system, to innovate, to take things beyond where they’ve been.”

walmart drone delivery

Although the number of stores fulfilling drone deliveries will rise to just 37 (Walmart already has a few drone delivery stores near its headquarters), the expanded plan represents a major rollout. Customer orders will be wrapped at stores and then flown to a front yard or driveway by a remote pilot, where the product will be dropped to the ground via a cable. Drone delivery is finally moving beyond the research-and-development phase. Wing and Walmart are using drones to deliver real merchandise to real customers.

Last-mile Delivery Robots: A Billion-dollar Market by 2030?

Last-mile delivery is the most expensive part of the delivery chain, often representing more than 50% of the overall cost. Many businesses have been developing autonomous mobile robots, drones, and autonomous vehicle technologies to automate this phase in recent years.

Many robots are also restricted to daylight and perception-free conditions. Critically, The vendors also offer distant teleoperator centers. If such firms are to flourish, the ratio of operators to robots must be kept to a bare minimum.

There is still a lot of effort to be done in order to enhance navigation technology. The robots will need to learn to operate in more complex and varied environments with minimal intervention. Furthermore, capital is also essential. End markets are also very competitive, putting pricing restraints in place.

robot delivery

Technically, we could forecast a 200k unit fleet size until 2035 (accounting for replacement). Given the current state of technology, the inflection point will not occur until about 2025. But one thing is clear if we thought E-commerce had evolved significantly in the previous five years, the following five will be unlike anything we’ve ever seen.

And while some of us may never fully accept machines delivering our packages, the appeal of receiving orders within minutes rather than days will undoubtedly be too hard for many people to ignore.

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