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5 Ways CRM Can Boost an Organization’s Performance

By Ankit Dungriyal 15th July 2019

Customer acquisition and retention are two vital processes for an organisation. While acquiring helps to increase your customer base, retention is important to have a constant revenue flow and maintain a good brand name in the industry.

Here are some ways a CRM software can help you to minimise the cost of acquisition and help to serve  your existing clients in an efficient way

Integrate with Your Marketing Campaign

Integrating your Marketing with CRM

In this competitive world where there are numerous brands in markets, marketers focus more on increasing their brand awareness and try to generate leads for their product/service by bringing more traffic to their website. They get most of their traffic from the web and social media sites. The main advantage of integrating your marketing activities with CRM is you get all things in one place. You get to know the effect of the various marketing campaign,  the regions and the source of the leads coming in and also to track activities, e-mail and get details of the contact. The benefit of aligning your sales and marketing strategy in the same direction is way more than the sum of both if done individually.

Use E-mail Journeys and Template

Communication is an essential part of the sales process. Sometimes your first e-mail lays the first impression of your company and you surely don’t want to get it wrong. Writing or copying an e-mail from your computer can be time-consuming and decreases the efficiency of an organisation. With the help of e-mail templates, you can directly copy all your content in a mailbox. You can use one template multiple times. Personalisation can also be done as per the industry you are targeting. All you need do is make a little change to your reusable template.

You can also set an e-mail journey which is a series of automated e-mails that will be sent at a different point in time to reach out and stay in the consideration set of your customer. E-mail journeys can be used to increase the stickiness of your customer with your product. This automation saves a lot of time as you can set journeys to follow depending on the actions of a customer. 

All Info at One Place

A CRM software stores all the customer/lead information at one place, this feature can help in making strategies to pitch a product or a service to a customer in a systematic way. Also, having information about your existing customers helps you to provide better service and offers to them, thus helping in customer retention and increase Customer Lifetime Value. 

Schedule Your Task and Activities 

Schedule Your Task and Activities 
with CRM

Sales can be a very tedious process, there are various things to be done. Planning is very important in this case as everything can’t be done at once. The activity and tasks features in a CRM can be very helpful in this case. You can plan your activities such as sending an email, making calls, etc., ahead in time.

Get all Reports and Analysis on CRM Software

Reports and analysis

In a CRM system, as all the information is stored in one place. This makes it easier for an organisation to analyse the performance as a whole. The effectiveness of a marketing campaign can be measured on the number of people visiting your website, signups being made or sales taking place. You can also analyse customer behaviour by tracking activities done by the customer on your website. All these valuable insights can be collected through reports and can be helpful in planning new strategies.


As the list of benefits of a CRM software goes beyond this article, these features can benefit various types of organisations irrespective of their domain and size. BULBUL CRM software finds its application in various places. 

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