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The Best Ways to Enhance Route Optimization in Your Business

By Saba Arif 12th June 2020

The modern world, as we know it, moves at lightning speed, and with each day, technology is becoming increasingly sophisticated to fulfill the growing needs of businesses that require intuitive analysis for their logistical and operational demands. Route Optimization offers an algorithm-based SaaS solution for any delivery-centric business for a cost-effective and optimum way to provide end-to-end service. 

What does Route Optimization Do?

When it comes to the manual mapping of an efficient delivery route, human capacity is naturally limited. This is where route optimization comes in. With its algorithm-based approach, route optimization saves us from infinite and tedious calculations. 

Features such as mapping use-cases, adding multiple stops on your routes, delivery driver’s app to monitor driver activity, and easy integration of historical data for trend analysis make route optimization one of the most important technologies for businesses today.  

Enhancing Route Optimization

Route Optimization may have become synonymous with delivery-centric businesses such as food delivery, e-commerce, and service providers. However, there are ways to improve this technology one step further. A few ways you can enhance route optimization for your business are:

1. Real-time traffic updates 

In-app navigation gets a facelift with real-time traffic updates that address variables like traffic congestion, blockades, and stops for optimizing tasks.

These solutions help to minimize delays by offering a one-stop solution for all potential problems. With sophisticated route optimization software like FlightMap, you can address customer needs and pinpoint the exact driver location with the help of forward and reverse geocoding. Furthermore, the software features a multi-vehicle route planning system to address vehicle capacity to avoid overloading.

2. Customizable route visualization 

A delivery route planner app is visual, easy to use, and takes little to no time that can otherwise be spent on other aspects of your business. Customization as part of a route optimization software gives you the ability to curate a route with store locators that allows you to add different styles, logos, and signs as markers to help you stand out and put your business, literally, on the map. 

3. Achieving last-mile delivery effectively and efficiently

One of the most important elements of a delivery business is last-mile delivery, which is the most expensive leg of the journey and takes the longest time. This is where a consumer effectively interacts with the business post placing an order. Mapping use-cases helps businesses to locate pockets where real-time traffic updates assist in achieving last-mile delivery within an effective time frame. Customers are kept up to date with the exact location of their delivery to ensure optimum satisfaction. This information further gets stored for future analysis for integration to curate an even more successful delivery solution. 

4. Hybrid customization for maps

The ability to customize pre-existing maps helps you to build your business and expand your delivery radius in optimum time. FlightMap analyzes existing user data to develop advanced reports to identify areas and verticals where you can improve the quality of services offered. Google Maps goes only so far as to give you a direct route from one destination to another, however, it lacks complex and automated route optimization with only a manual way to add stops. 

However, more advanced software like FlightMap or Routific keeps up with the changing dynamics of delivery businesses with features that integrate drone technology wherein drone imagery can help with automated drone mapping.

5. Service and support

An advanced route optimization software not only encapsulates highly-intelligent technology for seamless integration, but it also addresses individual business needs with multilingual support, dedicated technical service for any software-related queries, and real-time reports for improving efficiency. FlightMap is more than a route optimization software as it helps your business every step of the way in a fun, convenient, and seamless manner. 

Route Optimization is the present and future of delivery businesses and in a highly-competitive market, opting for software that is dynamic and flexible is the way forward. If you’re interested in getting effective and reliable route optimization software, reach out to us today for a sneak peek of Flightmap.

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