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How to Choose the Best Route Optimization Software!

By Tanvir Singh 27th July 2020

Enterprises, particularly the ones providing end to end last-mile delivery software often face challenges in meeting delivery fulfilment requests either due to high orders or certain uncertainties and problems like heavy traffic, multiple deliveries, empty fuel tank, punctured tyres, etc. However, a route optimization software can benefit the enterprises to help them in route and fleet management.

The best route optimization software offers affordable ways to significantly improve the profitability and productivity of businesses. It assists in producing the most effective driving route that minimizes the miles, which automatically reduces the fleet’s fuel spends along with wear-and-tear on vehicle spends and labour overtime costs.

route optimization

However, choosing the best route optimization software isn’t an easy task since there are a lot of elements that an ideal software should be capable of managing. This article will shed some light on those attributes that play an influential role in deciding on the right last-mile delivery software solution that can go the extra mile to provide a last-mile delivery customer experience. This can help those who are planning to get the best delivery management software/route optimization software or make a delivery app

Let’s drive-through.

Benefits of Route Optimization

Businesses usually consider Route Optimization delivery software as a simple delivery route planner that directs them to the quickest distance between point A and B. But an efficacious route planning solution is much more than just guiding shipments from A to B. They can be a fleet management system, logistical tool, and delivery routing software – all in one, under one roof. They deliver a mighty return on investment for corporations with delivery drivers, field sales teams, and service engineers.

Listed below, are some of the functional advantages that best route optimization software offers:

Saves time – helps bypass congestion, delays, and time exhausted due to poor selection of the route

Improves efficiency – empowers staff to discover the most fuel-efficient and fastest routes.

Enhances productivity – enables employees to make the most of their time and help them become more productive.

Recognizes opportunities for improvement – makes it effortless to locate spaces where money and time can be saved.

Boosts profitability – adds to notable efficiency savings within a market which has a significant impact on the bottom line.

best route optimization software

How Do I Choose Route Optimization Software?

While Route Optimization is growing to become the need of the hour, it is also essential and imperative for organisations to choose their Enterprise Route Optimizer wisely, that’s worth every penny.

We have compiled a list of 7 essential characteristics of delivery management software that can help you choose the right route optimization software for your business. A great delivery routing software system must have the following features:

1. Web-based Route Optimization

The best last-mile delivery software solutions such as a delivery route planner or delivery routing software are generally accessible via a web which enables users to log in straight into their account by accessing the software on the browser via the website. The delivery route planner software in such cases are generally subscription-based.

This is an essential parameter for any real-time delivery tracking software since this way users need not maintain, install or update anything on their desktop. The moment the users sign up for a subscription, they can access their account, see their dashboards, start optimizing routes, and save money.

2. Accommodates Multiple Routes for Multiple Vehicles

When you are into a logistics or fleet management business, you tend to have many vehicles in every fleet that offers services like deliveries, pick-ups, and service calls. In such a situation, fleet managers need to carefully plan out the most feasible and shortest route that would take the least amount in transit time.

Hence, delivery route planner software offers visualisation through mapping at the same time, in different colours, generating multiple optimized routes that allows fleet managers and drivers to take the route that has minimal time to serve while re-routing the previously planned route to complete a delivery. When route planners can visually see all the routes, it becomes obvious that some stops should be re-allocated to a different vehicle that increases the overall efficiency.

best route optimization software

3. Fast processing of Optimized Routes

Time is money in the real-time business of pick-ups, deliveries, and service calls. A delivery management software with functionalities like routes or multi-stops is no good and serves no purpose if they are not processed real-time and rapidly. Since fleet managers and drivers have to deal with services real-time, it is critically mattering that processing is real-time and fast so that the best outcomes can be prevented by optimizing the results.

The best route optimization software and delivery management system software should take seconds to be able to process an optimized route. If finding out the optimum route on each request takes a few minutes then such a delivery management system is a waste.

4. Universal Formats for Import & Export of Data

Businesses often need to feed data into the system and export the data out of the system for analysis of data.  In the digital era, it makes no sense and is absolutely outdated to manually type in the addresses into the system. Hence, the most ideal and efficient way to import and export information of specific location addresses into a route optimization or delivery management system software system is to upload it by using universal formats like .xls, .pdf, .csv, etc.

If your software can’t do the “To and Fro” of data with ease, ditch it. Instead, get software that can receive location data through a CSV or Excel file.

route optimization software

5. Uses Up-to-date Mapping Data

It always gets annoying to be given wrong directions to a specific delivery or service location. Moreover, it is also an additional blow to the time and money spent on the specific failed delivery. Be sure to pick a delivery management system software that employs up-to-date mapping data.

Logistics firms or riders may otherwise find it frustrating to manually input data every single time on reaching a location, or when wrong directions are displayed, which makes tracking the optimal route confusing. Hence, real-time and up-to-date data mapping is essential to save the time and hassle of updating things.

6. Geofencing

Every Route Optimization API available literally boasts of a geocoder. Geofencing is an indisputable element of any delivery tracking software that is available in the market today. Employing the right geofencing software that can precisely locate the approximate latitude and longitude for coordinate mapping is the key for unparalleled success.

Comprehending local contexts and understanding ambiguous addresses are the key to correct geocoding. Having an enormous database of local addresses is a big plus.

7. Analytics and Report Management

An apt route optimization system does not simply manage operations in real-time but also tracks them down to get the actual routes and optimized routes to be compared and analyzed in terms of analytical statistics and figures. An exemplary delivery management system/route optimization software should be able to efficiently manage and track the entire business operations on a real-time basis on a single platform.

A business with the right software would be able to track the actual routes vs the planned routes and compare the performances of the diverse business hubs effortlessly. The best delivery management software must provide you with a centralized dashboard that enables you to track real-time operations since you require to be updated with the customer preferences and choices constantly. The analytical statistics and figures can help in detailed scrutiny of how the deliveries have been over-time, in the past.

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Tookan – Building Delivery Management Services & Boosting Your Marketplaces

Any business with a fleet, no matter its size – small or large, could be benefited from route planning software. If you are planning to build such amazing software with the aforementioned attributes to name a few, Tookan helps you make a delivery app that comes with an intelligent and comprehensive tech stack suite that generates optimal & profitable delivery routes along with efficient resource utilization.

Tookan helps in enhancing your delivery services with end-to-end route planning, automated dispatch, and real-time tracking. Some of the dynamic features of Tookan such as:

•                     Route Optimization

•                     Real-time tracking

•                     Powerful analytics

•                     Easy Navigation

•                     Automatic barcode generations

•                     Geofencing

•                     And much more.

Visit Jungleworks today for the best route optimization software and build your delivery management system in minutes. Make a delivery app that outshines the rest with powerful features powered by Tookan.

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