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Catered Fit – Delivering Health Every Day

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Jugnoo- Empowering Field-force Collaboration using Fugu

“There were days we would spend 3-4 hours at work in calling and taking follow up from our managers and agents. Fugu solved this problem significantly by promoting collaboration among field workforce.” Field force collaboration Orders & deliveries were delayed due to inefficient collaboration among field force

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Indian Blood Services – Saving Lives Everyday With Tookan


Indian Blood Services is a non-governmental organization working for community welfare aiming to fulfill the blood requirements for those who are in the hour of need. Build A Reliable Delivery Service Platform We built a delivery solution for Indian Blood Services for efficient, on-time and hassle-free blood deliveries Tookan helped Indian Blood Services by providing […]

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Musanga- Powering The Future Of African Logistics

Introduction ‘The line between disorder and order lies in logistics.’ Musanga was launched with the mission of transforming the logistics landscape in Africa.   Empowering Delivery Services (Same as Lauk Delivery)   Bringing about a transformation in the way people deliver their packages required a robust and efficient delivery management system Tookan helped Musanga get […]

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Green Guyz Collective: Serving The Underserved

Green Guyz Collective is an Oakland based Cannabis Delivery Company, founded by Rasun Allah in 2017 with the intent to provide premium cannabis products & premium service to the underserved customers at standardized prices.

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GASCO: Scaling up Gas Delivery Business with Strategic Investment

Delivery Business

With an experience of 161 years, Empresas Gasco is a leading energy company in Chile supplying a wide range of energy solutions at convenient rates. We have been providing the world-class delivery business solution to Gasco which allowed Gasco to efficiently supply gas cylinders to households, businesses, and industries in Chile seamlessly. Our Approach We […]

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‘Lauk’: Delivering Quality Food All Over Klang

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