Catered Fit is a fresh healthy food delivery service in Florida and California, They create perfectly proportioned, gourmet meals that are cooked fresh and delivered daily at an affordable price. That’s why Catered Fit is the fastest growing healthy meal delivery service in South Florida and Orlando.

Build A High Tech Delivery Management Solution

We built a complete delivery solution for Catered Fit allowing them to make efficient, on-time and hassle-free meal deliveries.

Tookan helped Catered Fit by providing a central admin dashboard for managing and streamlining their meal delivery operations.

Eliminate Manual Efforts

Scheduling each meal delivery manually and choosing the best suitable driver for every delivery can be a pain and time-consuming.

Tookan helped Catered Fit to automate delivery dispatch by uploading bulk orders in one go and assign tasks to delivery agents with the powerful feature of “auto-assignment”.

Real-Time Notifications & Updates

Tookan integration with Twilio further helped Catered Fit to send delivery updates to customers in real-time.

Tookan not only lends a helping hand for sending regular updates but also improved the brand value by improving customer experience.

Optimized Routes For Multiple Deliveries

Food tastes best when served sizzling hot, but it turned out to be a challenge when delivery agents have multiple delivery tasks in their basket.

Tookan was successful in helping Catered Fit by giving them the most optimized routes for making multiple deliveries.

Catered Fit was successful in not only making multiple deliveries in time but also reduced delivery expenses around 32%.

Track Delivery Agents In Real-Time

Catered Fit was able to remotely track their delivery boys in real-time across the defined geographic region on an interactive map in Tookan further helped streamline the delivery operations.

Tookan enabled Catered Fit to have complete control over their delivery agents and eliminated the chances of late-deliveries for better customer experiences.

  • Lack Of Electronic Proof Of Delivery

    Catered Fit was facing difficulties in collecting the proof of delivery to reduce the number of missed deliveries.
    Tookan enabled Catered Fit to collect electronic proof of delivery via digital signature or images to improve the authenticity of delivery.

  • Analytics For Business Growth

    With the real-time analytics dashboard of Tookan, Catered Fit is successfully measuring its business operations.
    The analytics functionality allowed Catered Fit to measure key performance indicators like task completion rate, time-based productivity, distance-based effectiveness to identify bottlenecks to make smart data-driven decisions.

  • Results

    With the introduction of Delivery Management Solution, Catered Fit was able to streamline their delivery operations, automate task assignment to reduce man-hours, track delivery agents in real-time, make multiple deliveries with more efficiency at a lower cost, collect electronic proof of delivery and make better data-driven decisions.

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