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GASCO: Scaling up Gas Delivery Business with Strategic Investment

By Akshat Bansal 19th June 2018

With an experience of 161 years, Empresas Gasco is a leading energy company in Chile supplying a wide range of energy solutions at convenient rates. We have been providing the world-class delivery business solution to Gasco which allowed Gasco to efficiently supply gas cylinders to households, businesses, and industries in Chile seamlessly.

Our Approach
We built a delivery solution for Gasco to deliver gas cylinders seamlessly at their customer’s doorstep for sending delivery requests to nearest delivery agent fulfilling customer needs for faster and error-free delivery.

Gasco experienced no need of large customer support team to complete the process of delivering energy solution.

Client’s Requirements
With the rise in the number of requests for delivering gas cylinders, it became difficult to handle manually. Gasco realized that it was the time to go online to meet customer demand using:

– Delivery Management Platform with Real-Time Tracking
– Mobile Application to order gas cylinders
– Admin Dashboard for full control over the delivery of gas cylinders

Gasco struggled with handling a large number of deliveries every day and realized the need to go online for the convenience of the customer.

– Geo-fencing enables admin to define the delivery radius
– Discover customer region to find the nearest distributor and delivery agent
– Manual task creation by admin for order on call by the customer

With the introduction of Delivery Management Solution, Gasco was able to expand business efficiently by providing services at new locations. They are able to serve their services to more than 3000 customers every day without any hassle. With a little investment in getting the right technology for their business, Gasco is able to cut down the operational cost and flexibility to scale up the businesses efficiently.

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