Green Guyz Collective is an Oakland based Cannabis Delivery Company, founded by Rasun Allah in 2017 with the intent to provide premium cannabis products & premium service to the underserved customers at standardized prices.

Increase Efficiency In Ordering Process

The rapid growth of the cannabis industry and dispensaries created the need for a streamlined ordering process to create personalised customer experience.

Yelo helped Green Guyz onboard customers easily and keep them informed about products and deals through their online marketplace

Green Guyz have increased their order from 10 to 35-40 per day in the first 2 weeks.

Reduce Delivery Costs

With increasing orders, it was important to integrate with the right delivery management system.

Tookan helped Green Guyz integrate a delivery system and improve delivery efficiency.

With Tookan, Green Guyz are now able to cut on delivery costs by more than 50%.

Reduce The Order Fulfilment Time

Increasing number of orders and dynamic nature of on-demand industry required for shorter order fulfilment cycle.

Green Guyz Collective can analyze the traffic conditions in real-time using Google Maps API and generates the best route for cannabis delivery.

Real-Time Route Optimization has enabled the Green Guyz to reduced the order fulfilment time by 40%.

Increase Reliability In Tracking

Increasing customer base and imposing laws makes it imperative for players in cannabis market to be more transparent and customer delight oriented.

Green Guyz Collective can now track their delivery agents and order status in real-time and the complete information of the cannabis delivery is recorded on their admin portal.

Tracking has enabled the Green Guyz more control over the order delivery process and reduced delivery errors.

  • “The dashboard on yelo is very user friendly and simple. The upload of descriptions and pictures is very smooth and it displays beautifully to my customers. This, along with the great prices and excellent customer service is why we chose Yelo product for our cannabis business and I couldn't be happier with my choice. The whole JungleWorks team is fast, helpful and knowledgeable and has made the entire journey very smooth”

    Green Guyz Collective

The Phenomenal Impact We Created

  • The Future

    Green Guyz plan to double their current value by the end of 2018, to become one of the top 5 cannabis delivery companies in the Northern California Region and eventually the state in the coming 3 years.

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