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Subway UK Franchise Adopts New Technology to Reduce Delivery Cost and Overcome Daily Operational Challenges

By Vishal Thakur 11th April 2022
Subway Uk frachise: Tookan

Subway is an American fast-food restaurant franchise that sells submarine sandwiches, salads and beverages. One of its franchises in the UK with an outlet in a mall outlet was aiming to:

  1. Balance the higher costs with additional revenue lines.
  2. Walk-ins were skewed towards weekends leading to high pressure on fulfilment
  3. Wanted to pilot home delivery of orders 

Post looking at the demo and understanding the pricing, the Franchise gave a go-ahead for the pilot. 

Cost Cut by Subway with Tookan

Franchisees’ Expectations

  1. An app for the delivery agents
  2. A way to onboard the delivery agents
  3. How to integrate the POS with Tookan so that duplication of work is avoided
  4. Customer intimation about the status of this order
  5. Delivery agent incentivization
  6. Option to group orders on a particular route to a delivery agent

Post a successful pilot, the Franchise decides to go with implementation. 

Tookan met the Franchisees’ requirements by:

Operational challenges Subway Uk frachise: Tookan
  1. Tookan creating a customized onboarding app for delivery agents
  2. Integration of the POS with Tookan so orders received online are automatically assigned to Delivery agents.
  3. Each order was assigned to a delivery agent considering:
    1. Location of the customer
    2. Existing order backlog of the delivery agent
    3. Current location of the delivery agent at the time of picking up the order


This project’s biggest challenge was to cut costs and overcome daily operational challenges. We were able to overcome this by providing solutions by improving efficiency and delivering an exceptional customer experience. 

When we helped them integrate their POS with Tookan, the online order was automatically assigned to the delivery agents, hence saving time and cost.  

Tookan solved Frachise’s major challenges with its delivery management software that has route optimization features to save cost, gives more visibility to customers, communicates effectively with customers, and has real-time data to find inefficiencies. As a result, Subway UK was able to improve its efficiency by 65%. 

Try Tookan for your business today to build your success story.

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