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HumHain – Bringing joy to the residents through its Pick-up & Delivery services

Ludhiana-based Delstep Pvt Ltd (HumHain) is out to revolutionize the pick-up & delivery industry in the hyperlocal segment by providing seamless solutions to residents. Residents can find their daily needs by category, and order their specific needs to get delivered on time. Customers can schedule delivery as per their convenience & availability.
The HumHain team aims to create a substantial impact on people's lives through connecting quick, and delightful experiences for its customers through its pick-up & delivery solutions. At the moment, their presence is only in the city of Ludhiana. However, they are planning to foray into other Tier 2 and Tier 3 cities across the country soon.

Real-time tracking

HumHain team has addressed a crucial challenge to residents who don't have much time to deviate for pick-up & delivery job from their core job. However, tracking deliveries in real-time to keep track of all delivery agents who were delivering groceries, was a significant concern for the HumHain team. Tracking each delivery agent in real-time is important to ensure timely deliveries to customers in the supply chain management business.

Enhancement in Delegation

After receiving an order, it’s important to assign tasks, schedule, dispatch, and manage orders in real-time to minimize the lead time. Automating delegation process was a keen concern for HumHain team in this pick-up delivery business because lead time plays a crucial role in the enhancement of customer’s experience.

Keep them notified

Every customer needs to be notified when they order something. A robust notification system was required by the HumHain team to notify its customers to make them well informed about the status of their order.

Smart Business Analytics for Growth

Team HumHain was facing challenges in conducting the analysis of the delivery tasks and delivery agents for better decision making to result in overall growth. They were looking for expertise in analyzing descriptive, predictive & prescriptive insights to identify trends and predict how they are likely to develop solutions in complex decision making processes for their business.


Automatic Enhanced Delegation - Tookan helped the HumHain team in automating delegation processes like Logistics tasks Assignment, delivery scheduling, dispatch scheduling, and order management by automating repetitive & time-consuming tasks.

Smart Analytics Dashboard - With the performance indicators like Task completion rate, Time based productivity, Distance-based effectiveness, Tookan Analytics Dashboard allows the HumHain team to measure all the KPIs effectively.

  • Outcome

    With the help of Tookan, many manual processes of handling delivery business activities were completed within a fraction of seconds, which were earlier taking many hours. The HumHain team could easily assign delivery tasks, track delivery boys, analyze task performance, and manage invoices through this tool.

    For customers’ perspective also, the Tookan solution helped them improve overall customer satisfaction resulting in a significant rise in customer base. On the operations side as well, the field workforce could be handled remotely now and tasks were assigned automatically without any paperwork and manual efforts, reducing overall lead time.

  • Conclusion

    With 10,000+ Android app installs on Google Play, HumHain is growing as a first choice pick-up and delivery app among the customers.

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