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    Best Secure Alternative to Zoom Video Conferencing App: Fugu

    Coronavirus has put millions of professionals to work from home. The new remote work culture and social distancing entail the need to use a video conferencing tool to replicate in-person meetings. In the initial lockdown phase, Zoom has exploded in popularity as one of the absolute choices for video conferencing. But it also happens to […]

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    The Importance of Entrepreneurial Mental Health

    Ambitious Entrepreneurs are the lifeblood of our society. The entrepreneurship statistics of 2020 indicate that around 582 million people are in the race of setting up their own business and the figures shall continue to grow. When we look at the life of an entrepreneur and hear about his struggles, we understand that he needs […]

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    How to keep your business unaffected with the unexpected map crashing events?

    Mapping platform has an incredible influence on many of the business operations. The high prevalence of mapping technologies has enabled businesses to maximize their outreach and impact in the market. From picking up the preferred local language to optimizing the routes, everything is well covered by these mapping platforms. In a nutshell, it could be […]

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    Fugu Meet: An exclusive feature to virtually replicate in-person team experience

    Virtual meetings! Group conferencing calls! Screen sharing! – If we have spoken about it, a few years back, we are sure not many of us would have believed it. But, thanks to these unprecedented events going on, we are ready to embrace the change.  Before we move ahead, let’s shout out for one of the […]

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    Panther (app) -Helping Dieticians transform their business online amid COVID-19

    Are you a certified dietician who has been struggling to get back to your job in the midst of the lockdown? With each passing day, the uncertainty of going back to an earlier routine is increasing. The current situation has let many of the verticals to shut down their operations and wait till the things […]

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    Stripe launches in India: Introducing a new chapter of payment gateway

    Stripe, a global tech company has recently announced its launch in India. The worldwide acceptance of more than 135 currencies makes Stripe, a giant player of the section of economic infrastructure for the online portals.  What makes Stripe- a better choice to go operational in India is its compatibility to launch full tech stack, 3-D […]

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    Tech Stack for virtual education during the lockdown

    The COVID-19 outbreak has set off a waking call to the world. The worldwide lockdown phase has affected almost every section of the society. The education sector has been hit with a temporary shut down of educational institutes. During this pandemic, the education system has experienced a digital change with the implementation of a virtual […]

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    Business ideas to start from home during and post COVID- 19

    business ideas

    The Coronavirus outbreak is shaking up the global economy on a massive scale. The world is scrambling hard to combat the current and upcoming economic consequences of this black swan event. As this global economic crisis continues, it is expected that businesses will not return to normal for a long time. Even consumer behaviour will […]

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    Don’t let this social distancing, distance your pets from optimum care!

    Life has been a  roller coaster to us in the past few months. With many ups and downs coming our way because of the COVID-19 outrage, our society is confined to its four walls. People have decided to follow the authorities’ decision of staying at home and keeping them disconnected from all. People are widening […]

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    After-effects of COVID-19: Will the Online market sweep away the existence of offline stores?

    The past few months have been a challenge, to say the least. The emergence of this pandemic has caused a major economic crisis, leading to a global recession. Businesses worldwide are struggling as buyers are not able to interact with sellers, highlighting some key points of improvement in how the world conducts business.  The epicenter […]

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