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How to keep your business unaffected with the unexpected map crashing events?

By Tannu Sharma 25th April 2020

Mapping platform has an incredible influence on many of the business operations. The high prevalence of mapping technologies has enabled businesses to maximize their outreach and impact in the market. From picking up the preferred local language to optimizing the routes, everything is well covered by these mapping platforms. In a nutshell, it could be said that these mapping platforms serve as the backbone of the logistic operations of a business. 

Google Maps is by far the most preferred mapping platform that is said to be used by more than 67% of smartphone users. This makes it one of the first choices of various business owners who are dependent upon the mapping navigation. However, recent events of unexpected map crashing have raised many eyebrows. When you are on a field, performing your business operations, every moving second is counted. And in case of map crashing, one has to bear tough losses. 

A recent mishap

 A very recent map crash event that occurs less than 24 hours before, this article is published had hit hard to thousands of businesses. It was reported that due to a change at Google’s side caused all the apps using Google Maps SDK to crash. The glitch occurred while initializing the map; resulting in bringing down the whole app. It acts as a downturn to the businesses that are dependent upon a map to carry out their operational tasks such as logistics, fleet management, delivery business. We are currently suffering from COVID-19 pandemic, global businesses are already on a toss. Almost every other business is dependent on the online delivery protocol. In such a scenario, the heat of competition is already at high flame. And losing your customers because of the map crashing making your app unusable is unaffordable!  

And some businesses sailed through

Wondering how? A smart business owner always comes with a back-up plan. In the situation, where most of the business operations were troubled because of Google Maps crashing, there were some smart businesses that silently kept on going forward. How?  Via Flightmap. Yes, for those who still rely only on a decade ago crafted mapping platform (Google Maps), know that there is one more mapping platform (Flightmap) that can also offer you the exclusive mapping options. 

Flightmap enables you to drive your business operations seamlessly with the help of a premium mapping infrastructure. The dynamic and custom maps extend the flexibility to optimize its use as per the specific use case. In simpler terms, Flightmap is your tech buddy that can help you to walk through the storms of unexpected technical glitches of giant players in the market. 

How Flightmap helps in catering to the business navigation requirements?

Flightmap comes with exclusive features such as: 

Customized Maps: As per your business requirements, you can have customized maps. You can get the complete set of map designs which include POI features, custom icons, business-oriented themes, and many more. 

Intelligent Route Planning: Artificial Intelligence is a smart addition that can help your business to fasten its logistic processes. Flightmap allows you to have a fast and flexible route planning for your navigation. This diligently brightens up the performance quotient for your business. 

Multilingual Apps: We don’t want you to stay geographically constricted to a particular place. With the introduction of our exclusive feature of multilingual apps, we allow your business to have multiple languages, different font styles in a single map. 

Mobile SDKs: With Flightmap, make sure you are connected with native mobile SDKs that offers a rich and fluid map interface. This gives the opportunity to experience hassle-free use of the map. 

Is it convenient to shift from existing Map provider to Flightmap?

When we talk about the convenience related to the quick shift of your map infrastructure, we can say that with Flightmap; it is easy!  With the back-up extensive documentation and technical support, the transition could be done seamlessly. If you are looking forward to gearing up your business with Flightmap, get connected with our team. 

Take control over your business;

The global outrage has already crippled and shattered the world’s economy. Businesses are struggling to keep their services approachable to their customers. These unexpected and uncertain app crashes ignite the struggles to the next level.  Getting a Flightmap as your map buddy can help you to stay strong even in such harsh episodes.
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