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Fugu Meet: An exclusive feature to virtually replicate in-person team experience

By Tannu Sharma 22nd April 2020

Virtual meetings! Group conferencing calls! Screen sharing! – If we have spoken about it, a few years back, we are sure not many of us would have believed it. But, thanks to these unprecedented events going on, we are ready to embrace the change.  Before we move ahead, let’s shout out for one of the all-time inspiring quotes that depict the worth of effective communication.

In teamwork, silence isn’t golden, it’s deadly”- Mark Sanborn

We are sure that no one would ever imagine working with a team where no or less communication is offered. Virtual meetings during work from home have become the new talk of the corporate town. Many of the organizations are in a trying phase of offering remote jobs to talented sources worldwide whereas almost every small or big organization has offered work from home to its employees, on the account of a recent pandemic outbreak. If we talk about the biggest challenge that might create turbulence in their work operations, it would be none other than the struggle to maintain team communication. And we all know, how important it is to establish healthy and progressive communication. 

The concept of virtual meet

The unlikely events have led to adopting tech-way to connect with the team. When people see each other, they are expected to be more engaging and productive in their performances. Although there are a couple of tech stacks that offer a messaging platform to the employees, still something is missing!

To fill in the gaps between your team, you can start organizing virtual meets for them. Sounds fascinating! Isn’t it?

It will allow you to see the faces of your team via the video call. However, nothing can replace the impact of the in-person meet but embracing the video call option could help in replicating the experience to some extent. So, what makes you wait? 

Fugu launches its new feature: Fugu Meet

Fugu understands your business needs. You have a team that works together and via a video meeting, you need to bind them together in one go. There might be other options available in the market, that offer you a quick video connect but how many of them allows you to have the whole team on-board in a single call? 

Fugu offers you the same. It’s new and unique fugu meet option helps your team to stay connected over a video call irrespective of their team size. And, we can bet for the quality of the call. In a single video call, you could connect to around 50 people. Yes, that too without compromising with the quality of the call. 

Impressive features of Fugu Meet- You should know!

Password-protected links

We care for your privacy and will always do! To make sure, none of your privacy clauses is disrupted because of connecting online, we offer password-protected links. It simplifies the process of securing your talks, discussions within your team members.  

High-quality video/ audio calls

We don’t want you to come out of your comfort zone. Stay at your ease and enjoy the seamless video and audio experience. FUGU MEET is all proud to announce that we are extending our high-speed video and audio conferencing facilities, including when you’re on a group call.

Make your point by raising your hand

Remember, how our teachers asked us to raise our hands in between the class discussions if we want to ask or add something relatable? We are taking you back to the school memories. Fugu meet allows you to keep your point in between any ongoing discussion via raising the hand. This is one of the unique features of our product, that we like a little more than other features!

Quick screen sharing

Another feature that comes in the list is the quick screen sharing feature. It helps to get a detailed insight into anyone’s screen with a single click! If you want to get quick access over any of your team member’s screens, it is a matter of just a click away and it’s done!

Mute or kick out anyone from the call

No, we are not joking! As a moderator, we give you some powers! If you find anyone not relevant in the discussion or is added in the call by mistake, you can make him leave the call with a click. Or in case you require, you can mute the call of one, two or as many callers in the call! But, remember great powers comes with great responsibility! Do not use this to create a ruckus between your team. 

Connect before your team gets disconnect from each other!

As a piece of advice, we would like you to take a proactive approach and opt for Fugu meet as soon as possible. There is a high probability that your team might lose contact with each other and that might interfere with the overall productivity. 

Make sure, you take a step forward to virtually connect with them; before its too late!
For more information, connect with us.

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