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India’s Fight Against COVID-19: Online grocery platform sees a sudden surge

By Tannu Sharma 8th April 2020

India emerges as one of the sensible nations around the globe that has effortlessly tried to apply the exit strategy of this novel coronavirus from its territory. The extended steps taken by the government have created the required gap between the infected and the healthy public.

The government took significant decisions and imposed a lockdown for 21 days in the initial phase. This individual announcement has created heavy chaos among people as everyone is worried about their businesses as well as the availability of essential commodities. So, how are you dealing with your anxiety?

Are you afraid of running out of business during these crucial hours? Need not to be! Heard about online businesses? Must be!

Amazon, Flipkart, and many more e-commerce businesses have been ruling our Indian market for so long. This adversity brings along the opportunity for you to enter and rule the market too.

Sounds interesting? Let’s get a quick insight into how you can achieve it!

Online Grocery Businesses

In India, people were earlier reluctant to order food and grocery via the online portal. The stereotype belief of going out and picking the grocery items is going to vanish in the coming times. And to our surprise, most people are practicing the unconventional method of online shopping for groceries. This gives more scope of growth to the online grocery business. 

For the unversed, the online grocery business in India is growing exponentially. And during this lockdown time, it is one of the few sectors that is blooming even in these gloomy times. 

Why is it the right time to begin with online grocery business?

The nation is in the lockdown phase, people are in a state of panic because of the limited supply of groceries at their place. Switching to an online grocery business can serve the dual purpose of earning and contributing to society at the same time. Here are a few reasons why you need to drive your business to an online grocery store. 

  1. People are afraid of coming out of their houses. 
  2. There is no certain timeline for the quarantine.
  3. There are many hiccups in ensuring safe and distancing physical store shopping.
  4. There are high chances of getting contacted with an infected person, when you are in the process of public dealing on a regular basis. 
  5. Your customers are preferring online shopping rather than offline shopping.

Set up your online grocery business with Yelo

The need to set up your online grocery business is an immediate one. Yelo can assist you to build your own marketplace by launching it in less than 24 hours with its pre-built marketplace. 

Apart from it, here are several other reasons why you should choose Yelo!

online grocery business

Can offer contactless deliveries

With the help of the online platform; Yelo, it would be easy for you to connect with your customers virtually. All you need to do is, set up an online marketplace, showcase the grocery items, make them book orders, and deliver them to their doorstep. Contactless delivery will build trust and reduce anxiety in customers and agents. 

Can maintain social distancing

When your customers are connecting with you virtually via the online platform, it would be subsequently easy for you to maintain the social distance. Get the business online and make your customers choose their custom orders and place them in the cart. Your small initiative can make a big difference in India’s current panic situation. 

Online grocery business

Can go ahead with cashless deliveries

Yelo offers you pre-built integration of multiple payment channels which allows cashless deliveries. The concept of digital wallets makes it easier for you and your customers to carry out online transactions. 

More than what you have ever thought!

Novel coronavirus is one of the deadliest threats to humans right now! The need to stay attentive and take precautions can not be denied! But at the same time, one should not forget about serving mankind. Looking at the wider picture of the online grocery business, you can do your bit and serve the mankind.

It is the time when you should think out of the box and come out of your comfort zone to make your business sustainable and scalable in the market. For more information about how Yelo can help you, feel free to connect with us

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