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Tech Stack for virtual education during the lockdown

By Tannu Sharma 16th April 2020

The COVID-19 outbreak has set off a waking call to the world. The worldwide lockdown phase has affected almost every section of the society. The education sector has been hit with a temporary shut down of educational institutes. During this pandemic, the education system has experienced a digital change with the implementation of a virtual school model. 

Bearing in mind the safety of students and academic needs, many of the educational institutes have taken the initiative to offer online classes. It aims to ease the burden on the students and to encourage the teaching faculty to provide them with a good quality of education. 

What challenges can come in operating a virtual school?

 Pedagogical improvements that include a switch to conventional teaching methods can seem difficult, to begin with. But when it comes to a practical shift, technology is leading the way. Breaking the stereotype notion of classroom interactions, the digital transformation is acting as a catalyst to address teaching, learning, and social issues. Here are a few of the challenges that might be encountered and need to be solved in the first place.

Minimal in-person contact

Your students need to get motivated from time to time. This new wave of teaching might give you a tough time as it reduces the in-person contact of students and teachers.  Personal interaction would be at a high stake. 

Making a schedule/ time-table about the sessions

Strict monitoring to ensure that online sessions are performed over time and there is no overlap between sessions is a major challenge. It might involve detailed planning and discussion with other subject teachers too. 

Need to arrange group calls (For the complete strength of class)

If you are taking up a session, you need to add all the students of the class in a conference call.  It may be a challenge to organize a large group telephonic or video conference call. 

Need to circulate subject assignments among the class and vice- versa

Virtual classes might have a hard time distributing the subject notes to the students and then receiving the assignments back from every student. The lack of physical presence of teachers and students might interfere in the smooth transition of subject notes and assignments. 

Technology filing the gap of learning via virtual teaching sessions

As mentioned above, technology is leading the way in enabling the education sector to enter the Edu-tech industry. If you are a part of the educational institutes, you might need to adapt to the below-mentioned tech facilities to initiate the digital transition into your teaching methods.

  • App for Teleconferencing 
  • App for Video Meeting
  • App for exchanging multimedia(docs, assignments, notes)
  • Time-Management Apps 

List of Apps that rules the chart in the competition

  • Google Hangouts:  This free video chat app can be useful for connecting a team of around 10 people. In case, you have a small strength to address, you can think about using it. It can be easily integrated with an existing Gmail account. However, it still requires plug-in extensions and is not flexible with the dual streaming of video and content simultaneously.
  • Skype: With a 10- way calling exclusive feature, Skype becomes a profitable choice for those, who are ready to make an investment on its premium subscription. This telecommunication app works for video calls, pre-recorded sessions as well as for exchanging multimedia files. On a stretch, one can go ahead in a call with 50 other skype users. This makes it a perfect choice for group calls of a class.  
  • Fugu: This chat communication platform is a smart option for those who are looking for one single platform for telecommunication, video conferencing, files shareability and many more. Fugu enables the team size of around 50 people to attend the session in one go. 
  • Zoom: The app offers group tele-connectivity of around 100 people in a single call with its basic plan. Screen sharing, co-annotation, recorded sessions are few of the top picks that make Zoom, a popular name in the chart. However, the latest revelations from giant tech companies such as Google, Space X indicates the loopholes in its security compliance. The usability of the app is currently under a suspect!
  • Lifesize: From the last 2 decades, Lifesize is raising the bar of video calls via its quality services. Without any need for additional downloads, one can easily initiate the call connectivity to around 25 participants. The higher security integration, HD video support makes it a good fit for smaller class size. However, to avail of its further features such as 4K video conference, 300-way calling, one needs to buy its premium subscription.
  • Evernote: This app could be used to organize, optimize and create the notes/assignments in the desired way. Even the switching of devices would not let you lose your previous work. The app supports the accessibility of images, docs, and PDF in one go. One can easily set up reminders, schedule a class/ session through it. 
  • Quizlet: To make notes and important points of the subject memorable, students and teachers can use this app to create customized flashcards. This app is an interesting platform to interact with the students and keep them engaged with an interesting learning method. 

The act of resorting to the education system into a virtual classroom requires a good amount of planning and tech-assistance in the initial phase. There are several options available in the market that help support your efforts to keep the pace up. 

Why Fugu is a better choice to proceed?

There are some of the incomparable benefits that make Fugu, one of the best options in the market. From taking your students one- on -one sessions to allow you to arrange a group session- everything is covered with this single platform. You can:

  • Get the punch-in and punch-out time of your students  via Attendance Bot
  • Make important announcements and share it with all via Fugu Bot
  • Create customized groups with selected users
  • Share multimedia files 
  • Broadcast assignments via Fugu Bot
  • Can make quick calls; taking a maximum of 50 users in a single call

Towards the better future

There is no shortcut to nurture the future of our society. We should seamlessly improve the quality of our nation’s education system to create positive results. Walking together with the right pick of technology can help in sailing this boat like a pro. 

If you have any questions related to setting up the virtual schooling platform, feel free to connect with us

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