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Don’t let this social distancing distance your pets from optimum care!

By Tannu Sharma 10th April 2020

Life has been a  roller coaster to us in the past few months. With many ups and downs coming our way because of the COVID-19 outrage, our society is confined to its four walls. People have decided to follow the authorities’ decision of staying at home and keeping them disconnected from all. People are widening supporting “social distancing”. And there’s nothing wrong with that, as it prevents us from getting exposure from a suspected carrier of the virus.

Amidst all the chaos, people are taking every necessary step to get all the essential commodities at their doorstep. This is done on the verge of not allowing the normality of life to be interrupted by the lockdown. But how many of us have thought about our extended family ours? Confused about whom we are talking about? We are speaking about your pets. 

Pet care | Hippo and CoZo pet | Jungleworks

There’s no second thought about how you’ve been taking care of your beloved pets all your life, and how affectionate you are with them! But, we are talking about these uncertain times when getting the essential commodities are a challenge, how difficult it would be for you to address the pressing requirements of your pets.

So, can you let your pets’ requirements and care ignored in these tough times?

Surely not! To help you deal with this crisis, CoZopet and Hippo have collaborated! In a new kind of initiative, we have tried to make your efforts reduce while reaching out to the experts for your pet’s requirements.

CoZOpet is your one-stop destination where your pet can feel at home at any hour of the day. With a trained pet coach, you’ll have the assurance that you’ll give your pet in safe hands! What else a pet parent looks for? We understand how hard it is to let your baby be out of sight, but with CoZopet, you would be throughout assuring the safety & health of your pet.

Isn’t it the same relief you were looking for? Let your pet get all his love and affection uninterrupted, even in this quarantine period. 

How Hippo is helping CozoPet during the quarantine:

We all know, how technology is helping small and large businesses to get their services rolled on without much effort during this social distancing wave. Speaking about Hippo, it is a smart chatbot that helps the customers to get connected with the service providers via artificial intelligence.

In this specific case, Hippo has been the real game-changer that has helped many pet families to avail themselves of CoZopet services without any trouble. Here is the list of ways via which Hippo is helping: 

Helps in placing a request

Hippo offers an easy to access platform for service seekers. One has to mention the service required along with other details such as date, time and any other additional information. This helps in getting a pre-booked appointment for the services with just a few clicks. 

Automated assignment of best suitable pet coach

Once the services and the booking slot is confirmed, the customer will get notified about the assigned pet coach. It is done by matching the algorithm of demand and supply at a particular time. 

Know the pet coach

There is certain information that would be showcased on the booking panel about the pet coach. However, if you are willing to meet the coach in person, you need to make special requests for it. Although we advise you to limit your public dealings to the maximum, still if you’re not convinced to let your pet in someone’s hand without meeting him personally, we would encourage you to do so. But please make sure that all the precautionary measures were taken from your side in the first place. 

P.S. -We would still encourage you to meet the coach virtually. 

Pay for the services

Hippo provides its extended help to allow the customers to initiate the payment via digital wallets. You can, however, go for post-paid payments too. As soon as your booking is confirmed, you will have the option to either pay online or offline in case of pre-paid payments.

Hippo has been known to always have a long way to go to ensure that its optimization is of some use to businesses. CoZopet has been one of the kindest clients to benefit from the gains of integrated chat platforms.

Humanity Prevails above all!

We know that the world is facing a tough time altogether and this pandemic has been sending spine-chilling waves to all. Humanity should prevail above all, no matter how hard it is to go. CoZopet does the same by not allowing any of the genuine pet care requests to be unattended in such extreme conditions.

Pets | Hippo and CoZo pet | Jungleworks

Signing Off!

We would like to show our gratitude to all who are thinking out of the box to fight against this deadly virus as a strong entity. 

A message from Our Business Head- Mr. Tushar Bansal

“We are happy to see people stepping up at the time of crisis and joining hands to support each other, We are happy to provide the necessary tools to ensure contribution from our side and bridge the gaps via technology. We are working in full capacity to support many businesses and individuals for the benefit of the society and we are sure we’ll overcome it soon”. If you have any queries, please feel free to connect with him! We wish you all the luck! 

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