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Panther-Helping Dietitians Transform their Business Amid COVID-19

By Tannu Sharma 17th April 2020

Are you a certified dietitian who has been struggling to get back to your job in the midst of the lockdown? With each passing day, the uncertainty of going back to an earlier routine is increasing. The current situation has let many of the verticals shut down their operations and wait till things become normal once again. Paramedical services are at a pause because of COVID-19 outrage. If you are a part of such departments, you must know how tough it could get in the coming times. But here is good news for all! Switching your practices online with Panther could help to make it easy for you to get back into business instantly. 



People are enjoying their quarantine time and are keeping the focus on their health & well-being. During this time people are more concerned about their health and overall fitness. Due to the lockdown, fitness centers are shut. And at the same time, people are also hesitant to go for any kind of physical activity outside their homes. What does that mean? Each one has to take care of their health and fitness sitting at home! This is the reason that we suggested dieticians should switch their business online. Sitting at home, dieticians can advise people to opt for healthier eating options. This is a perfect time for dietitians to start their online business by advising and encouraging people to maintain good health.

How to begin with online dietician practice?

Now, when you have made up your mind to take your diet consultation business online, let Panther help you to start the process.


Why pick Panther to establish your online dietician consultation practice?

To continue your online consultation services, you need a platform where meeting your clients and offering them consultation is an easy task. Here are the ways in which Panther will help you in every possible way. 

  • Panther connects you to clients worldwide

Setting up an online clinic to practice your services gives you the added advantage of broadening your reach to every part of the globe. Unlike physical clinic set-up, where you have a limited reach, the online set-up of your diet clinic will contribute to offering you a wider reach and that too; in your comfort zone.

If we speak about the present situation, transitioning to an online platform is a good move to look forward to a potential workspace, this practice mode will rule the future businesses.

  • Panther helps you to keep a get instant payments

We don’t want you to chase your clients for payments. And, we also wanted to provide our clients with multiple payment options, so that the payments are made easier. To achieve the same, Panther has successfully built payment gateways that can enable hassle-free payments. The app has made payments convenient by offering you options of pre-booking payments or charging the patients after the consultation.

  • Panther requires less-maintenance

Being a medico-practitioner, you might be a little hesitant to go in the tech direction. But to help you with your concerns, Panther has given you a smart app platform that’s easy to set up and simpler to use. Unlike some, this is a maintenance-free app platform that helps you to keep up with your services without any technical issues.

  • Panther helps you to keep track of your client’s diet history

To free you from any sort of heavy paperwork, Panther helps you keep track of your client’s elaborated medical history online. It is a great way that will reduce your organizational work to about 50% and at the same time give you a chance to easily access the details you need.


Get started Now

As mentioned above, the various advantages of using an online platform to continue the dietitian practice have been outlined. Now, it’s time to take a call. Ask yourself whether you wish to wait until this pandemic storm goes or are you ready to keep on going and growing in the market. The choice is yours! If you are willing to go with the flow and make the best use of the current circumstances, contact us now!

If you enjoyed reading this, we’re sure you will also love checking out what we have in store on our YouTube channel. You can also head to our home page for more info!

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