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The On Demand Weekly #14

By Guest User 7th May 2015

Tap an App and summon your own staff – sounds revolutionary right. On Demand and instant gratification economy that we live in today is demanding just that. Beauty On-Demand startups like Glamsquad are expanding their offerings as the competition rises. Bulbul, a newbie in the market, is taking this competition to a completely new level.

Juggernaut’s Insight:

  • New smartphone apps like Heal can deliver doctors to your doorstep.
  • Declaring themselves “the world’s largest local on-demand bakery,” start-up Doughbies is aiming to find a new sweet spot in the fast-growing instant economy.
  • Shyp still isn’t explicitly an on-demand service, according to company CEO Kevin Gibbon.

Industry News

Startup pitch: Misterbnb, an Airbnb alternative for gay travel, raises $2 million

Misterbnb, founded in April 2013 in Paris, is a short-term rental platform aimed at gay travelers. It says it has raised $2 million in a seed round.

On demand economy: Postmates delivers just about anything

The on-demand economy is changing our lives; one delivery at a time. Food and many other items can be delivered quicker than ever, and today delivery services like Postmates will pick up what you want from any place in town and get it to you in about an hour or less.


Cheers! Startups speed booze delivery

Fort Lauderdale-based SpeedETab helps users skip the line at crowded bars and restaurants, and order and pay directly from their phone. Users receive a notification when their order is ready, and head to a pickup area.

The Upcoming Shakeout In Travel Tech

Travel tech is at a pivotal point in its growth and development. In many ways, the future for the travel tech industry looks bright and sunny. The travel and tourism sector generates $7.5 trillion a year worldwide, accounts for 1 in 11 jobs globally, and makes up 9.5 percent of the global GDP.

Rise of on-demand economy (II)

In the first story on this topic, this column highlighted the firms and their products that have been creating the on-demand economy in Pakistan. There are positive vibes, but there are many more areas where the local on-demand economy can expand, as shown by the launch of Sukoon, an online platform that plans to connect households in Karachi with pre-screened carpenters, plumbers, painters and electricians.

Industry Experts

Startup Execution: Creating Your Company’s Execution Outline

Your startup’s execution outline is going to be the first step in tying together your strategy process – the initial set of user stories that aim to solve your customers problem – and the people and operations processes.

Success Story

Simone Collins on How ArtCling is helping the On-Demand Customized Art Grow

ArtCorgi is the best place to commission customized artwork at the most reasonable price. In conversation with Simone Collins, COO and Co-founder of ArtCling, talks about how she and her fiance Malcolm Collins (CEO and Co-founder of ArtCling) are promoting the On Demand Customized Art services in the most innovative way.

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