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    How I Turned my Wine Tasting Passion into a High-Returns Business?

    At Jungleworks, we’re always delighted to feature our clients’ success stories. Here is an incredible story as received by one of our successful Panther clients. If you too have a story to share or a business idea to execute, let us know. Here is my story stating what it took to get there! If you […]

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    How to Create an On-Demand Delivery App? – Top 4 Things to Consider

    The delivery sector is one of the only sectors that is booming during the coronavirus pandemic. In the UK, the delivery business has grown by 11.5% while restaurants struggle to keep their doors open. The delivery app business is one of the most lucrative business segments for entrepreneurs to invest in. If you are looking […]

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    SaaS VS Custom Script – What to Choose for Your Business

    Are you looking to build your own consultancy marketplace? Confused about choosing between a SaaS product or a custom script? We’ve got it all covered here. Read on to let us help you make your choice. SaaS VS Custom Script – Here’s the breakdown Cost-Effective: One of the primary reasons businesses looking for a consultancy […]

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    How Flightmap’s Endless Customizations Can Make Your App One-of-a-Kind

    These days, it is very common to find apps that make use of maps, location tracking and route optimization. As an app developer, it can be difficult to identify the right maps SDK to adopt for your software. Flightmap is a custom mapping software that helps businesses navigate the world with precise location data and […]

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    How to Optimize Your Delivery Route?

    Route Optimization for Delivery Services Route optimization is the process of determining the most cost and time effective route for delivering a product or service. For instance, if you’re running a food delivery business and deal with multiple simultaneous orders, route optimization can help you decide the most effective way to deliver the food. This […]

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    How is Location Intelligence Changing Route Optimization?

    Rita visits her favourite bakery to buy the honey cakes she loves. Immediately, she receives a notification on her phone asking her to review the bakery and the amenities it possesses. Does this sound familiar? Not only are Rita’s movements tracked and recorded, she is also being prompted to add in her unique human knowledge […]

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    8 Business Ideas to Get Started with a Consultancy Marketplace

    No matter which business one opts for it requires some professional guidance, there are always a few minor details left. Even if you have given a good start to your work you need to hold the audience, you need a well-established marketplace for consultancy services. Consulting differs from coaching; It is another way to help […]

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    Fugu is Now Integrated with Google Meet & More Powerful Than Ever!

    Technology has transformed businesses all over the world. A bulk of operations have moved online, making it easier for team members to communicate through online forums. Just like how messaging apps have made it simpler for us to communicate with friends and family, users want to talk business in a similar manner. Fugu is one […]

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    How to Create your Interior Design Business with Tiger’s Complete Tech-Suite?

    A rental marketplace is a great new way to set-up your interior design business! The fact that the world around us is more cautious than ever before! We can assume that the present and coming times demand a big platform for interior designing business. The global interior design software market is expected to register a […]

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    Top 10 Service-Based Business Ideas to Begin from Home

    There are millions who want to be their own boss; with today’s high-speed internet, delivery management system, and people’s changing ideas about work has made working from home a reality. In this dormant phase of COVID-19 pandemic, you might be scratching your head looking for ideas to make money. And, not just in covid-19, these […]

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