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Whitelabel App Development for Businesses

Deepak Digwal 5th November 2020

Research from think with Google shows that more than 50% of all web traffic comes from smartphones. Smartphones have become an integral part of our lives and are our primary portal to access the internet through. It is reported that people are 62% less likely to make a future purchase if they have a negative experience on mobile. It is now more important than ever to give customers on mobile devices a smooth, tailored experience. While web pages are alright, they are often difficult to navigate on a mobile device and are often sluggish which becomes a nightmare for customers. A mere delay of a second in mobile loading times can impact mobile conversions by 20%. 2019 saw a record of 204 billion app downloads and generated 462 billion dollars in revenue, which shows us the potential of the mobile app market Businesses around the world are turning to Whitelabel apps to deliver the best possible user experience to customers on mobile devices.

Why Should You Choose a Whitelabel App development for Your Business?

Whitelabel mobile apps are ready-made and ready to deploy out of the box. They can include all of the marketing elements and features that you’d like to add to them to bring out the essence of your brand. Whitelabel apps are light on the wallet, while still including everything your app would need to capitalize on the booming mobile app market. 

1. Cost-effective solution

The alternative to going Whitelabel is to build an app from scratch. This can be a highly resource-intensive venture that takes months or years to build while requiring investments of hundreds of thousands of dollars. It involves hiring highly skilled professionals who can code both native and cross-platform apps. While custom apps might offer a slightly higher degree of customization, they come with the downside that they are very inaccessible to most businesses. It is a very expensive affair to build an app from scratch, while whitelabel apps can do everything and more than custom apps do at a sliver of the cost!

2. Ready to deploy

Custom app development often takes several rounds of prototyping, experimentation, and debugging to make it ready to deploy. This can take months to even start seeing any kind of response from customers, while also costing your business a lot. White label apps can be deployed instantly and customized to suit the needs of your business very simply. 

3. Customization

While whitelabel apps are readymade and good to be deployed right out of the box. It is easy to customize your whitelabel app to incorporate the marketing elements of your brand to give it the unique essence of your brand. The backend is taken care of and includes all the features that your app needs, the front-end can be easily customized in any way you like!

4. Easy maintenance

Whitelabel apps are rigorously tested to eliminate the possibility of any bugs and are trusted by several reputed brands like your own. Without any bugs to fix, maintenance of your app is easy and a breeze to keep it running with little technical expertise. 

Whitelabel apps are designed and built keeping in mind the needs of businesses across the industry. They have been successful in catering to the needs of all their customers. Choosing a whitelabel app for your business is the best way to increase traffic and purchases from the large demographic of users who are on mobile devices.

Why are Whitelabel Apps so Interesting

Whitelabel apps are readymade app packages that are ready to plug and play. They can be deployed in app stores and made available to the public easily. These readymade packages can be resold easily to clients and easily monetized to add value to your marketing business. The world has adopted mobile apps at a rapid pace, with a large number of small and large businesses having apps of their own. With whitelabel apps, you can address the growing need of small, medium, and large businesses looking for a cost-effective alternative to having an app built from scratch. Apart from being economic, whitelabel apps have a host of different advantages such as being customizable, monetizable, and easy to maintain. 

Here’s whitelabel apps is a good idea:

Low investment required

Whitelabel apps is easy and economic. Unlike most other business models, whitelabel apps requires little capital to start with and doesn’t require a large investment. This limits your risk, while your potential to earn remains virtually unlimited. With a small investment, you can begin your businesses for about $1,000. Programs of whitelabel app developers usually charge a small fee every month that includes all the support you need to get going. 


You can be as involved in the design process as you like. You can either choose to do it yourself using app building platforms that make it easy to build an app or you can leave the design and app building to professionals and focus only on sales. It’s important to pick the right partner when choosing whitelabel apps. Here’s what to look for in a partner:

  • Good support
  • Good reviews
  • Have relevant publications and catalogs
  • Sales training 
  • Good reputation
  • App design service

You can customize and repackage apps for your clients as per their requirements while building your brand as a white label app. 

Appealing to businesses

By providing whitelabel apps, you can offer quality apps that cater to your customers’ requirements at a fraction of the cost that it would typically cost them to build an app from scratch. Whitelabel apps are inexpensive, costing only a couple of thousand dollars to set up and a recurring monthly fee of a few hundred dollars depending on what level of backend support the client requires. Custom apps built from scratch can cost several thousands of dollars, sometimes costing in the range of hundreds of thousands.

Like any other business, Whitelabel apps requires commitment too. You can quickly grow your Whitelabel business into a very profitable venture as long as you tie-up with a reputed partner who offers good support and has had a good track record. They should be receptive to feedback and adapt to it accordingly. Having a good working relationship with your Whitelabel app partner is the most important aspect of this business.  

What to consider before going for Whitelabel apps?

Mobile apps can be a great business model that requires low investment to get started. However, there are still certain things to take into consideration before getting a whitelabel mobile apps, such as:

1. Your strategy

You could be looking to add another stream of value to your existing marketing business, or starting a completely new venture centered around mobile apps. Identify your focus and create a strategy as to how you’re going to pitch yourself to customers. 

2. Why customers should choose you?

One of the most important considerations for any kind of entrepreneurial venture is to identify your USP or Unique Selling Proposition which makes you stand out from the competition and make customers choose your business over that of your competitors’. Be sure to consider if your pricing strategy is competitive enough if you’re able to offer any better features or benefits as compared to competitors and if you can leverage professional and personal connections to grow your business. 

3. Your sales cycle

You’ll primarily be dealing with B2B transactions which involve long timelines and will require you to demonstrate how your app will work to the benefit of the client without needing the client to commit to it. This means there is a degree of risk involved that customers can back out at any time if they are not convinced. Be sure that you are ready to be exposed to this risk and plan accordingly. 


1. Can I customize a whitelabel app?

Absolutely! You can customize a whitelabel app to suit your business’ needs by incorporating everything from brand design philosophy to adding specific features exclusive to your brand. Customization creates unique value propositions that are integral to the success of any brand. No two brands are the same and each of them requires a touch of uniqueness that whitelabel apps can provide, despite being ready to deploy out of the box. 

2. Can I engage with users through my app?

Definitely. By communicating and engaging with your customers, you build trust and goodwill that will translate to better sales and a better reputation. Communicating with customers is essential and practiced by every business. Whitelabel apps can help you do just that and have your customers seamlessly engage with you more than ever with the help of live chat, feedback dialogs, and integration of social media handles. 

3. Will my app appeal to users?

Viral and innovative content is what makes digital communities thrive. Making your content appeal to users involves using innovative solutions such as incorporating fascinating technologies such as augmented reality and artificial intelligence, which whitelabel apps are capable of doing. 

4. Can I integrate adverts into my app?

Advertising is a major source of revenue for a lot of businesses, especially those that create content. Monetizing quality content with advertising solutions from brands like Google is made easy with whitelabel apps. Your app can include support for pre and post-roll video adverts, subscription models, and support for Google AdWords. 


Whether you’re looking for an app for your business or to resell it, it’s easy to get a Whitelabel app built for your business and delivered quickly! Simply contact a Whitelabel app development company and explain your requirements to help them find the perfect app package for you and your clients. Whitelabel apps are quickly growing to be one of the most popular choices for small and medium-sized businesses who want to capture the mobile market but are losing out because they do not have the several hundreds of thousands of dollars required to get an app built from scratch. Getting a Whitelabel app that is fully customized to suit your business’s needs is a simple process that can be completed in a couple of days. In contrast, custom mobile app development can take several months to get off the ground. Get in touch with a Whitelabel app provider who offers good support, has a good track record, and competitive prices to get an app built for your business or your clients now!

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