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5 Reasons to Choose Yelo Marketplace For Your Salon Services Business

By Deepak Digwal 12th October 2020

Salon service is one of the sectors that will never fade, irrespective of any variable! If you are running a salon services business or plan to kickstart one, you are on the right track. 

Gone are the days when customers prefer to walk-in to avail of the beauty services. The existing hectic schedules of all demand for on-demand beauty services at their comfort. Are you ready to fit in the market’s quickly shifting trends, or is losing your customers to your competitors! In both scenarios, you need a survival kit instantly. 

Here is how you can survive, thrive, and emerge as a winner with a perfect marketplace!

Go with the flow

So, as the famous saying quotes, survival for the fittest is the ultimate mantra, businesses that tend to incline with the latest trends survive the most. Therefore you should look for a marketplace that is fully customizable where you can add/ remove the features as per the market demand. It makes you flexible, accessible, and approachable to your potential customers.

Easy Scheduling as per demand

Heard about salon booking software? If not, here is something informative for you! Yelo salon scheduling software gives a two-way relief to your business. Your audiences can easily book the appointment from the available slots on the calendar. On the other side, you can manage the upcoming appointments by auto-allocation of tasks to the nearest open service providers. 

Market your presence

Now, you are a part of the competition. The zeal to compete and stay above all should not fade. With progressive marketing campaigns, you can stay closer to your customers. Customer-centric services make sense only when your customers know about it every bit. Yelo is all proud to say that its in-built marketing tools go well with this cut-tight competition. Moreover, if you are new in the competition, you can choose a franchise model. This will help you to take advantage of a well-established brand

The diligent tracking and management

The prime motive of staying online is to keep yourself close-knitted with your business operations’ ins and outs. When you choose to transit your salon services to Yelo marketplace, you get all the privilege of tracking your service agents and their real-time status. This helps in building confidence about how well-formatted your services deliveries are to your clients. 

Swift payment channels

Yelo does not want you to struggle a bit. Yelo comes with powerful multiple channel support to 

the different gateways. This makes it easy for the clients to avail of your services. They can instantly make payments as soon as the services are offered. As a part of the process, an electronic invoice is generated to the customers too. 

And you are good to go! In this write-up, we only discussed five top benefits for your salon service business with Yelo. But as a matter of fact, the list is long. We want to go into a detailed discussion with you to upscale your business with Yelo marketplace. Let us get in touch to learn more about it.

The exclusive FRANCHISE model – Yelo offers to make you earn double in a salon services business!

If you wish to get on-board with the Yelo franchise model to keep your earnings high, you can avail of the exclusive opportunity in no time. Here is a sneak preview of how Yelo supports high profits in your salon service business. 

  1. Avail the commission-based business model format with an amount of around 20% as a merchant fee.
  2. Profit earning is divided into two halves. However, Yelo is happy with the fixed 10% commission and the rest you can keep!
  3. An exclusive COVID safety fee will also be charged by the customer, which will be credited into your account
  4. A registration fee can also be charged from merchants that will be credited in your account every month. 

And many more! Get in touch with us to know in detail.

If you enjoyed reading this, we’re sure you will also love checking out what we have in store on our Youtube channel. You can also head to our home page for more information!

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