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Business Survival Tips for Second Wave of COVID-19

By Deepak Digwal 7th October 2020

The world has dealt with unforeseen challenges of COVID-19 in the past few months. While we look back to recover from the first wave, we have another set of fights to jump in. Experts are hinting for the second wave crashing on us soon! But, this time we have got it covered for your business. Dive in deep to see the following business survival tips.

In the words of Paul Hawkins – “The first rule of sustainability is to align yourself with the natural forces, or at least not try to defy them.”

Becoming wiser than before in your actions

We will walk you through the steps about how adopting early sustainable practices can save your business from upcoming challenges. A business needs to be adaptable and flexible to the new evolving needs. 

 Read on if you want to stay in the market to stay for a longer time, defying all odds. Whether we are getting the second wave sooner or later, the pandemic’s influence will impact the ways of doing business. We have curated some of the practical steps that can be adapted by your business, irrespective of your geography and business scale. 

Tips to keep your business sustainable!

The slow rollercoaster can be a comfortable ride if you learn to fill in these critical gaps. 

Adapt, adapt and adapt!

Stephen Hawkings – “Intelligence is the ability to adapt”

As a business owner, you need to fit in the shoes of your customer’s expectations and adapt to your customers expectations. Observe the market and your customer’s behaviour. This gives you insight about the changes you need to carry on, to get the desirable results. For example, if you are running a grocery store, let your grocery delivery reach to your customers doorstep. 

We know, businesses don’t change overnight. It takes years to build a market, and the transition needs to be done smoothly. If you are an offline player, getting an online reach might take some time. But if you choose a perfect online marketplace to begin, the little transitions will bring significant results.

Business survival Tip 1: Turn your employees into Business Ninja’s

Cross-training your employees can save you! We never know when this virus can scramble any of us. But, as we say, the show must go on. While the infected person recuperates, it is substantial for an in-house replacement to fill the gaps. Cross-training allows the employees to carry out essential tasks for each other at times of need. Moreover, it also nurtures the skill bank of your employees. 

Business survival Tip 2: Resolve your Financial bottom line

If you have a robust financial process, none of the economic crises can break you. It is essential to keep your financial decisions looking forward to the current economy and get your savings for the tough times. These uncertain times call for tough, yet wise choices. Here is your chance to create a better future for your business and your employees. You need to: 

  • Chart out all the possibilities
  • Create an expenditure sheet and start maintaining it
  • Find ways to reduce the expenses
  • Try other revenue sources/ strategies. 

Business survival Tip 3: Cache in your Business Essentials

It might sound offbeat to many, but challenging time calls for a proactive approach. Stocking up is a smart decision that can help you to stay away from the infectious disruption in the coming times. If you think it will be tough for you to keep track of the inventory, you can choose to use technology. For example, the logistic software can help you trace your logistics/ stocks even when you have kept it unorganised. 

puzzle business survival

Business survival Tip 4: Get Tech-Savvy

From orders to deliveries, from complaints to appreciations, from delays to early receiving”- technology has covered all for you. 

No matter which business use case you are running, you need your things to get delivered at the right place to the right person at the right time. And Tookan does the same for you. 

In these nine months, we have understood how important it is to keep your communication strong and channelize with the agents who are on the task. The allocation, tracking and management of your orders needs to be crisp and sharp. Doorstep delivery has become a go-to process for every business. Getting a delivery management software that can allow your services to reach your customers can give you a strong back in the competition. Tookan is designed to meet the changing demands of the market. 

It helps in: 

  • Automating the task allocation process to ensure productivity remains at the top
  • Suggesting the smartest/shortest route to deliver the order
  • Brings single window monitoring for the agents on task
  • Offers an in-built chat system to establish communication between admin- agent-customer and vice-versa.
  • Helps in getting digital payments via integrated multiple payment channels
  • Enables e-proof of delivery to authenticate the delivery process

And much more! The varied API integrations compatibility of Tookan makes it a perfect fit for every business. From bringing the accuracy in 3PL functions to allowing a detailed analytical overview of your business, Tookan does all for you. 

Get Going!

Be unstoppable in your achievements with a tech-suite that understands and assists you in your business.

For more information, feel free to connect with our team. Let us together build a protective sheath to keep your business unaffected with the second wave of Coronavirus. 

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