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Strategies to Create Delivery App for your Business

By Deepak Digwal 23rd October 2020

We all know that conducting a free flow income is getting hard. To cope up with the change, modification is a must. Here is why the need to create delivery app has become evident in the market.  Whether you deal in any business use case, turning virtual is a basic necessity. Mobile apps have become one point of source for purchasing everything. Clothes, food, laundry, car wash, and many more! Every service can be accessed via a mobile app.

Now when every business is turning digital, the competition multiplies too. So, to become the first choice, you need to build strategies to overpower your competitors.

Dealing online helps save time, money, and human resources. Maintains minimal human contact and supports the free flow of life.

Dive-in to read how to create a delivery app for your business. These simple steps will allow you to create your own delivery app hassle-free. 


Before stepping ahead, study your audience’s pattern and preferences. Understand their needs and try catering to the latest technology. Study and add products after conducting a survey. Find the right platform to serve your app expectations. By conducting an extensive market research, it would be easier  for you to know how to make an on-demand delivery app for your business that can cater your target audiences requirements efficiently. 

Hassle-free payment solutions

Focusing on beating the fast competition, you will have to cut down the time spent arranging the loose cash. Hassles like setting petty cash are very time-consuming. Platforms like Tookan help overcome this problem by providing numerous payment gateways such as PAYTM, GOOGLE PAY, NET BANKING, etc. Build such strategies for better relations. Add on an automatic invoice generator for providing instant bills.While building a delivery app, integration of payment channel should be taken into consideration. 


Many of the businesses get stuck with the concept of how to create a delivery service app! Based on the extensive market research, we will suggest you to not always focus on creating a delivery app with an over-expressive interface. Avoid throwing all the information on customers at once. Build a delivery app with a simple and interactive interface that is easy enough for a newcomer to operating—User Friendly for all age groups.


Real-time tracking of the goods is a must in a delivery app. Whether you are a food/grocery provider or a courier company, your consumers would want to know their product’s exact location. Adding a real-time GPS tracking feature will help beat the tough competition in the market. Platforms like Tookan help provide advanced trackings like Geofencing and smart analytics.

Logistics allocation

The primary area of focus for any business is allocating its logistics.

Assigning the right person at the right place will decrease the delivery time and increase efficiency. For example, A is the delivery guy assigned with the recent order, but A is present away from the pickup and delivery area. It will lead to customer dissatisfaction. So built your app that has automatic allocation. Tookan provides the facility to add an automatic allocating feature to your delivery app.


“Whoever understands the consumer best wins.”

                                                                    – Mike Gospe

The above quote clearly states the importance of a consumer. A consumer is like a king, and if the king is not happy, the results would be adverse. If you can bring back the same consumer again, it’s a win-win situation for you. For that, you need to handle the problems and grievances of all the consumers as a priority. While building your delivery app, create a consumer window too. It shall help provide live chat, tracking, and solving your clients’ issues by the team in a minimal time frame.

Don’t waste another second in any dilemma. Find a perfect platform to fulfill your strategies. A platform like Tookan is trusted all over the globe due to its high-end features and app extensions. Beat this pandemic and the market competition with one single platform.

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