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What do you mean by delivery orchestration? A Complete Guide

By Vishal Thakur 25th August 2021

Delivery Orchestration helps companies to more easily manage delivery related complex tasks and workflows. It focuses on automating and streamlining different tasks related to your delivery. 

When you begin by automating your delivery processes, orchestrating them to run automatically becomes easy. The main goal of this technology is to remove inefficiencies to reap benefits such as a reduced bill, faster time to market, and improved visibility.

It arranges tasks to improve a delivery system. For example, orchestrating a particular thing not only means deploying it, but also linking it to the network so you can communicate with users. It also means automating many tasks together. 

What is the difference between Automation and Orchestration?

what is delivery orchestration: Tookan

Automation means making a single, repeatable task mostly or completely automatic. For example, you might want to automate one or two deliveries for your client

Orchestration, on the other hand, targets a larger goal. It aims to automate a large number of tasks that are achieved concurrently.

It’s easy to automate tasks such as delivering products to a single or bunch of customers. However, when you want to build an efficient value chain, simply automating those things would not make sense. You need to have a better strategy to make it happen. 

How Can Delivery Orchestration Help You Scale?

what is delivery orchestration: Tookan

It helps your business with the timing and planning of all these independent, automated tasks. For this reason, people often refer to delivery orchestration as pipeline automation. 


Because as a business, you are building a pipeline of automated steps. Every step portrays one or several consistent works. Moreover, your orchestration tool takes care of the timing of all these independent steps to build an efficient delivery pipeline. By doing this, removing any ineffectiveness becomes easy without any human intrusion.

Here’s a brilliant example, imagine your business is updating a new functionality every week. But you have to lose one day of your precious time every time you update a new functionality. Despite the fact that you can automate many things through automation, you still need lots of manual interruptions to set up the new update.

To figure out this challenge, your business can implement a delivery orchestration tool that automates entire tasks without any human intervention. 

Why Delivery Orchestration?

what is delivery orchestration: Tookan

Now that you know lots of things about Delivery Orchestration, here’s why you need it for your business to grow to the next level? 

Delivery orchestration helps you simplify the management and deployment of your services. But, you can reap more benefits by implementing delivery orchestration to your business. 

Here’s why you need it: 

You save money

When you use Deliver Orchestration, you can decrease your entire IT costs or decide to use some budget towards innovation, creativity, and starting new projects.

Less human intervention

Teamwork is really important when it comes to the success of any project. However, it can also create friction to the project because of human error. Orchestrating your most business workflows and processes can reduce this friction among teams and you will end up with better services for your customers.

More productivity

You want to make sure your team is more productive towards innovative work and decision-making skills. Orchestrating can help your team become more efficient and help them come with more innovative ideas. 

Standardizing workflows

Making your products reliable and consistent is a long-term game. As a business owner, you want to stick to the market for the longest time possible. It can help standardize the workflows of your organization. 

Better employee experience 

With the help of Delivery Orchestration, your employees can spend time on more creative, innovative, and challenging work. Because plug-and-play tasks can be automated. 


Delivery orchestration can help your delivery business manage entire tasks automatically. A delivery orchestration tool helps you automate all tasks related to your delivery and you can easily scale your business in no time. The aim is to eliminate inefficacy, save time, resources, money, and reduce the time to market, Tookan’s Delivery Orchestration technology can help you achieve the same.

Want to learn more about delivery orchestration? Check out Tookan

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