Leveraging Tracking for
Organised Fleet Management

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About Tookan Tracker

Tookan Tracker works on your entire fleet first hand, tracking everything from GPS Tracking, Fuel Management, Driver
Behaviour, Vehicle Management and a lot more.

GPS Tracking

Real- time GPS Tracking, managing and eyeing multiple vehicles at once.

Fuel Frauds

Equipped to calculate fuel consumption for a task, a journey and an agent.


Keeps track of vehicle condition and status for prim and proper functioning.


Assesses speed limits, brakes usage, reckless driving, extra stops.



Instant alerts for multiple stops, fuel levels, theft, over speeding, start of day, route deviation and excessive stoppage alert.


An alert sent out every time a vehicle enters of exits a Geofence, increasing operational efficiency and elevated safety and security levels.

Engine Cut

Cut-off the engine from your phone at any time using SMS and GPRS.

Historical Analytics & Reports

Fleet Managers have access to information and tracking summary or upto 90 days past with comprehensive graphical reports.

2G-3G Optimized

The Tookan Tracker comes in both 2G and 3G Variants it self optimising to function on poor networks too.

Speed Limiter and Fatigue Alarm

Triggers speed alarm & in relay, the car will slow down automatically.

About The Device

Super industrial design with a high performance ARM-7 Processor, a wide working voltage range from 6V-45VDC suiting both cars and trucks, 8M-bit Offline Data Logger that can store upto 9090 waypoints and multilingual SMS content.

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Platform Integration

The Tookan Tracker - GPS Tracker for automobiles can be conveniently integrated with the Tookan Dashboard for organised fleet management.

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