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Proof Of Delivery Software

Get Real-Time Tracking, Route Optimization, Geo-Fencing & Much More

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Key Benefits - Proof Of Delivery Software


Go paperless and keep track of all delivery information & record digitally.

Easy To

Manage delivery records efficiently to access them in future with ease.

Improved Customer Experience

Signature, images or Barcode, ask for the proof your customer is happy with.

Complete Proof Of Delivery Software

Barcode scanning

Ensure safe ad secure deliveries by scanning the barcode both at the time of pickup and delivery.Avoid delivery of wrong parcels and save the time of your agent and customer

Right Location

Ensure that the agent has dropped the parcel at right location by checking the radius In which he has marked the task as completed.

Image Collection

Ask the agent to share image whenever they mark the task as completed Pay only when you are sure.

Proof Of Delivery App & Dashboard

Get iOS and android proof of delivery app to capture records and a centralized dashboard to manage everything with ease.

Real-Time Tracking

Track your delivery agents in real-time on an interactive map. Keep a close eye on your delivery agent and delivery cycle.

Route Optimization

Manage your multiple deliveries efficiently with the most optimized routes to reduce operational costs and ensure on-time deliveries.

Instant Notifications

Send tasks updates and delivery notifications in real time, offer real-time PODs by integrating with Emails.

Analytics & Analysis

Get complete data insights for your business. identify and analyze bottlenecks and plan actionables to take data driven decisions.

Best Proof Of Delivery Software For Your Business

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We Have Everything For Everyone


Real-time visibilty on pickup and delivery status.

Real-time tracking and status update with SMS.

Instant information in case of incident (e.g. ETA).

Minimal probablity of error in pickup and delivery.

Easy and fast to record data and clear instuctions.

Full traceability of goods and transit assets.

Delivery Agent

Dispatch Team

Instant two way communication with our live chat feature.

Flexible re-assignment of unforeseen pick-ups and deliveries.

Reduced errors and back-office administration.

Improved SLA adherence and KPI monitoring.

Real-time and historic performance reports.

Cost savings through controlled returnable asset management.


Best Proof Of Delivery Software For Your Business

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More Than Just A Proof Of Delivery Software

Delivery Management

Complete delivery management solution with the features for your business to grow.

Bird's Eye View

Manage business requests from all your sources on single window dashboard.

Automate Dispatch

Reduce workload by automating delivery dispatch to nearest delivery agent.

API Integrations

Easy and quick API's Integrations with the tools which matters you the most.

Real-Time Tracking

Track route progress and delivery status on the interactive map in real time.

Real-Time Updates

Keep your customers updated with real-time notification of delivery cycle.

Live Chat

Enable a two way communication between admin and your delivery agents.

Search & Filters

Sort, filter, drill down, search, move columns of your historical jobs.

Ensure on-time deliveries with
real-time route optimization and
end-to-end delivery tracking

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