India's Leading On-Demand Auto-Rickshaw Startup Increases Productivity and Automate Operations Using Tookan

Jugnoo started as a small mobile-first company in 2014. It is built around an ondemand auto-rickshaw platform. The thought behind Jugnoo was to use technology to bring ease in booking an auto-rickshaw anytime. With the booming smartphone market, a mobile application which could initiate the booking process with a tap seemed ideal. Today, Jugnoo is a rapidly growing organization, touching 30k transactions on a daily basis. Currently in 22, it also aims to reach 50 cities by year-end


On-Demand Auto-Rickshaw Platform


    Reduce driver onboarding time and provide instant approval with system validation.

    Provide live tracking of ‘FOS’ on-street customer acquisition teams.

    Eliminate unauthentic app downloads with system validation.


    Powerful Tookan dashboard

    Intuitive Android and iOS Apps for the FOS

    Customer satisfaction measurement

    Tangible data for better business decisions


    Reduced onboarding time from 3 days to 30 minutes.

    Doubles and tripled the supply side in some cities.

    Overall increase in productivity with real-time coordination.

  • Challenges

    The booking procedure being dependent on two core things, supply side and demand side of the business, involved plenty of challenges.

    Challenge 1: The ‘Make Driver Team’ (supply side) had to ensure that there is a consistent supply of auto-rickshaws and hence, quicker onboarding.

    Challenge 2: The ‘FOS’ (demand side) team had to ensure that the customers are aware of the App and become part of a loyal customer base. As Jugnoo grew, the network became more complex. There was no way to track the teams and calculate the ROI based on the efforts that were put-in.


reduction in driver onboarding time


increase in supply side (Drivers)


efficiency in authentic app downloads

2 hours

a day reporting time saved
  • Solution

    Custom Forms: With the application of the custom forms in Tookan, the ‘make driver’ process was reduced from 3 days to 30 minutes. The teams were able to onboard and make the new drivers available to pick rides in just 30 minutes, saving huge costs and time for Jugnoo. This gave Jugnoo an edge over its competitors and helped them spread across new cities. Auditing the existing auto-rickshaws for quality check was also ported on Tookan for better efficiency.

    Powerful Dashboard: Tookan ensured verified customer app downloads and helped push the adoption of Jugnoo App in new cities. It was also instrumental in increased engagement in existing cities. Live tracking, auto assignment, route optimization and data analytics helped increase the productivity of the FOS team. Some cities even saw a two-fold increase in app downloads.


  • Reduced the driver onboarding time by 95%.This reduction doubled the supply in some cities.
  • Company was able to save $20,000 per month due to 99% efficiency in authentic app downloads.
  • Implementation of Tookan completely removed the manual data entry, saving many unproductive man hours.
  • Real-time remote coordination saved couple of hours daily which were spent on reporting at work and updating sheets.
  • The quality of auto-rickshaws saw an improvement with enhanced auditing.
  • Proper record maintenance of tasks and customers all at one place eliminated the huge piles of paperwork.
  • Number of verified/ authentic app downloads saw a massive increase.
  • Analytics and reports helped Jugnoo make data driven decisions.

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