• Managing On-field Technicians.
  • Optimization of the task allocation to technicians.
  • Eliminating the delay in service delivery.
  • ‘Live Tracking’ to keep track of the exact location of technicians in real-time.
  • ‘Auto Assignment’ to automate allocation of sample collection tasks.
  • ‘Route Optimization’ to assign optimized routes to technicians.
  • Task completion time reduced by 50%.
  • The company is currently growing by 50% on monthly basis.
  • It reached the mark of 150 transactions per day in initial few days.

Labstreet – Making Pathology Test Sampling handy with Tookan

Labstreet, based out of Gurgaon – India, is the single point solution to get pathology tests done, which brings the convenience of on-demand ‘Free Home Sample Collection’ to patient’s doorsteps while maintaining reliability and lab quality. It has been built by a team of engineers and healthcare industry veterans who are passionate about creating an enriching customer experience in healthcare industry.

  • Challenges

    As part of its expansion plans, the Labstreet team was increasing its customer outreach in various geographical areas to conduct health checkups of the customers by collecting their samples.

    Tracking teams in real-time: It was very important for them to manage the on-field team of technicians in real-time for timely collection of samples as they had committed to provide services within the time frame of 60 minutes. Any delay in collection would result in delayed service and dissatisfied customer.

    Reducing Manual Efforts: Labstreet also wanted to optimize and automate the allocation of sample collection task to various technicians, so that they could save time and resources for other important activities. Scheduling and allocation were time consuming activities for Labstreet.

    Delay in Service: The collection process used to get delayed due to different issues with the local traffic. Most of the time, technicians did not know about the shortest path to reach an address for collecting samples from different localities which could have saved time and other resources for Labstreet.

  • Solution

    To counter the challenges, Tookan dedicatedly offered relevant solutions and seamlessly integrated with existing Labstreet website as well as the mobile application.

    Live Tracking: With the help of live tracking map on Tookan’s dashboard, Labstreet was able to keep track of the location of technicians in real-time. They were now able to control the teams efficiently and ensure the timely collection of the samples from customer’s doorsteps.

    Auto Assignment: Tookan helped them in automatically selecting nearest and available technicians for allocating sample collection tasks in the assigned geography of operations. This resulted in shorter delivery cycle time thus saving on precious business resources.

    Route Optimization: This feature allowed the Labstreet to assign shortest and optimized routes to the technicians for quick service delivery, saving time and reducing fuel costs. Not to forget other benefits like lesser CO2 footprint, proper resource utilization and increased service levels, all of this leading to delighted customers. Map filter feature from Tookan helped the on-field team view the traffic layer, so that tasks could be completed in a timely manner.


Tookan’s advanced technology allowed Labstreet team to better coordinate, manage and track its technicians in the field. The seamless integration of Tookan with its existing digital infrastructure produced great results:

  • Task completion time reduced by 50%.
  • The company is currently growing by 50% on monthly basis.
  • Labstreet reached the mark of 150 transactions per day in initial few days.