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Use Crowdsourced Shippers to achieve excellence in Last Mile Delivery

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  • Less Cattle, Less Care Sourcing Shippers means avoiding Delivery fleet procurement, vehicle maintenance, in-house riders, and reducing all overheads.
  • Minimize Failed Deliveries/ No-Shows/ No Agents Using Crowdsourced Shippers ensures almost 100% customer gratification by utilizing a vast network of agents.
  • Customer and Admin Real-Time update Being Transparent. Give your customers the option to get real-time updates by SMS, Push notification, etc.
  • Cost-Effective Crowsourced shippers use their vehicle and are expert in routes, thus making deliveries effective in cost and time.


Tookan F2 works as a central engine that collects orders, distributes them to 3PL merchants, and connects them with the end customer.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the meaning of Crowdsourced Delivery?
Crowdsourced Delivery is a method of fulfillment that uses a network of professional, local, or 3rd Party delivery partners to deliver orders directly to customers.
Why should I use 3rd Party Delivery Agents?
Using 3rd Party Delivery Agents keeps the Business Model asset-light by not having dedicated fleet agents. It is also one of the most effective ways of minimizing the cost of last-mile delivery.
How does it impact the speed of delivery?
One of the primary advantages of CSL is that companies can get online orders to their customers faster, sometimes in less than an hour. Customers can also schedule delivery to reach at the time they want.