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Task Creation

Pickup and Delivery

Create a single task for material transport and assigning agents for the same project by using our mission feature.
Create pickup and delivery task to track your deliveries and agents


Mark the area of work by creating geofence and assign an agent or team in that geofence.
Create multiple geofences and assign teams and managers accordingly. The team will not be able to work outside the geofence area

Route Optimisation

Navigate the field force agent to the location of assigned tasks through the shortest and fastest available route. Use route mapping to reduce ETA's to task location and ensure an exceptional service experience for the customer.

Tookan tracker

Admin can track the speed limit and fuel consumption of the vehicle through tookan tracker and in case of speed alarm and relay the car will slow down automatically.

Agent Tracking

Track your field force agents on map interface in real-time and record Simplify your on-field operations and be informed In case of any delays.

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Attendence Tracking

Keep track of attendance and leave of each field force. Allow field force to mark attendance on agent app with selfie and location tracking.

Hours of work

Track and monitor the hours of work each field force has worked in a day. Make easy payouts on an hourly basis.


Whenever an agent mark his task completed he will get the notification of payment received by tracking his hours of work.

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