Business Challenges
  • Real-time tracking of delivery fleet.
  • Reducing manual work.
  • Ensuring timely deliveries.
  • Notifying their customers about deliveries.
  • ‘Real-Time Tracking’ to view the exact location of all their delivery boys.
  • ‘Auto Assignment’ to decrease the manual efforts of assigning each task.
  • ‘Route Optimization’ to choose the most suitable and shortest path for delivery.
  • Automated Customers Notification’ and ‘Ratings & Reviews’ to keep their customers well informed with SMS and email, and get instant customer feedback.
Business Result
  • Ensured customer satisfaction.
  • Subscription box deliveries were made easy.
  • Reduced travel time for deliveries.
  • Increased number of new orders.

Chef V Made A Difference In The On-Demand Food & Beverage Industry Using Tookan

Chef V, a California based firm, is recognized as one of the renowned names among healthy drinks providers in USA. They believe that the best and maybe the only way to make truly lasting improvements to health is by finding small and simple changes one can make everyday. For them, improving diet is the most important change that anyone who wants to get healthier can make. They seek to help people in leading healthy life in the most convenient and cost-effective way possible.

  • Challenges

    Keeping Track of Delivery Agents: The major issue faced by almost every subscription box service provider is to track their delivery force. Chef V needed to ensure that delivery boys complete the allocated tasks as per the provided schedule and track their coordinates. They wanted to keep track of delivery fleet to check where there drivers were and who was the closest, when a new job came in.

    Reducing the Manual Work: Chef V were making 3000 plus deliveries on weekly basis, and it was getting difficult for them to manually schedule every delivery. They wanted to reduce the manual work of scheduling and dispatching of deliveries to the customers, so that they could concentrate on the other critical activities.

    Delayed Deliveries: The deliveries were getting delayed at times due to various issues with the location of the customer and traffic. At times, pickup drivers were unaware of the traffic conditions, or the shortest route to customer’s location. This caused disappointment, as customers didn’t get their delivery on time.

    Notifying Customers: They didn’t have a system in place to send automatic notifications to customers regarding the status of the delivery. The Chef V team wanted to keep their customers updated in real time about the expected time of the arrival at their doorstep.

  • Solution

    Real-Time Fleet Tracking: With the help of Tookan’s core mobile workforce management infrastructure, Chef V was able to view the real-time location of all the delivery agents performing assigned tasks and idle agents in one compact view. Tookan dashboard empowered the admin to check the status of each dispatched box and driver’s exact location at given point of time, delivering the box.

    Auto Assignment: This powerful feature of Tookan enabled auto-assignment of every created task to the drivers. Tookan enabled Chef V to upload bulk orders in one go, thereby decreasing the manual effort of scheduling each task individually and choosing the best suitable driver for every delivery.

    Route Optimization: This feature helped the delivery drivers of Chef V to choose the best suitable and the shortest path to the customer’s location which ensured timely deliveries. This improved the overall productivity of drivers and efficient use of resources.

    Automated Customers Notification and Ratings & Reviews: “Automated Customers Notification” in Tookan assisted Chef V keep their customers well informed with SMS and email notifications throughout the delivery cycle. In addition, Tookan also enabled them to get instant customer feedback through a link sent to customers via sms and email. These reviews were available on the dedicated page of “Ratings & Reviews” in the dashboard. Keeping customers well informed in turn increased their satisfaction and trust level for the offerings.


  • The process of field workforce tracking and on-time delivery to ensure customer satisfaction was made easy by Tookan.
  • The team of Chef V could easily track the fleet and handle the subscription box deliveries more efficiently and effectively.
  • The workforce was managed remotely, so there was no need of submitting delivery reports and documents at office, thus saving precious time and efforts.
  • Also, automated customers notification and on-the-spot rating & reviews enormously increased the satisfaction level of customers, which in turn increased the number of happy customers and new orders.

Recent News

  • Chef V now has more than 400 “5 star” reviews on Yelp suggesting a strong base of loyal customers.
  • Chef V saw immense growth and got featured in leading media houses including Fox News, CBS, NBC among others.