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Start School Bus Routing with Mappr

By Aastha Malhotra 28th December 2020
School bus routing made easy with Flightmaps

Parents send their children to school with the intention of getting them educated and disciplined. It is the responsibility of the school authorities to provide for a safe and learning environment. One of those responsibilities is to pick up and drop off the children. Therefore, school bus routing is a critical aspect of maintaining the school’s operational efficiency.

Traveling to and fro from school may seem a very ordinary and simple task. But in fact, school bus routing is complicated and requires a lot of brainstorming. School authorities have to guarantee that the students reach their destinations safely and on time. There are many factors to be taken into consideration when making a school bus route plan. 

Both the cost of transporting and the travel time should be minimum for each student. For this, we have first to determine the following:

  • Total number of students
  • Address of each student 
  • Number of buses available  
  • Number of different routes
  • The total of kilometers accumulated among all routes
  • The duration of the longest route

Are you stuck with these problems too? Don’t worry; Mappr is here to solve all of these problems and much more. Let’s look at the benefits of using Mappr for school bus route planning.

How Mappr can help

School bus route planning

Mappr provides you with a mapping infrastructure. It includes forward and reverse geofencing, route optimization, tailor-made maps, real-time tracking and traffic updates, intuitive analytical tools, and 24/7 service and support. 

Let’s look at the key benefits of Mappr


Does it seem confusing to start planning your route and allotting students to buses? With Mappr, everything is automated. All Mappr needs from your end is the school address and students’ addresses. 

Once you have provided this information, it will display results such as multiple route options, how many buses you need, how many students can be allotted to one bus, total time taken by each bus, and much more. School bus routing, assigning, and scheduling are interconnected, and Mappr does it all for you. Try it out and make school bus routing very easy and straightforward.

Route Optimization

Find the best possible routes and runs for your district based on where students are located. Know with confidence that you’ve found the best paths for your school buses. 

The maps used by Mappr include all the information on one-way roads, speed limits, turn restrictions, busy streets, and other traffic movement information needed to efficiently transport students from your school to home and vice versa. This facilitates better route planning. 

With the route options given by Mappr, you will not only be able to reduce the travel time but also save your transportation cost. The routes become very simple to follow and very convenient to drive on. 

Why rack your head with route optimization strategies when Mappr can do it all for you! 

Flexibility and Customization

New students are admitted, some students leave, and some even change their place of residence. We also have to consider the wear-tear of buses. It is a vehicle and is bound to deteriorate. Such information has to be updated in the school’s system. Mappr allows you to make these changes and get new updated school bus route plans. 

Mappr also provides an additional customization feature. You can set constraints such as male to female ratio, seniors to juniors ratio, and appoint leaders, to meet your needs and the results will be in accordance with it. 

Real-Time Tracking

Real-time tracking plays an extra crucial role in school bus route planning. The school authorities have to ensure that students stay safe at all times. If the school’s responsibility is door-to-door, then live updates of every track are mandatory. 

Mappr and Tookan give real-time updates of the bus’s location, routes, runs, stops, and students. Tookan is Jungleworks’ route optimization software with which you can quickly determine if the cause of delay is traffic congestions, accidents, or bad weather conditions. It also helps to keep your students safe from hazard zones, predators, and other dangerous areas. You can track your entire school transportation operation in one system.

School Bus Routing Software - Flightmaps

How Mappr works

You will have to fill in the required details, and your very own optimized school bus routing plan will be made available by Mappr. Multiple route options with a variety of student to bus ratios will be provided to you. You can choose the most suitable route. 

  • Add the school address 
  • Fill in the number of students to be picked up and dropped off
  • Specify each student’s address
  • Specify the number of buses available with you
  • Add any constraints such as time, male-female student distribution

With Mappr, you get a range of functionalities and the best of design all on one platform. Adopt Mappr and make your school bus route planning a piece of cake!

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