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Case Study: Revv

By Madhura Yale 20th June 2018

Revv uses JungleWorks’s technology to power India’s leading car rental platform

While US already has 15-20 lakh rental cars in operation with runaway successes like ZipCar, self driving car rental is still in its nascent stage in India. A self-drive car rental provides the independence and flexibility that a normal chauffeur driven car does not. The Revv team approached us to build a platform that helps customers book cars for hourly, daily, weekly and monthly requirements. Its business model does away with charges for doorstep delivery of cars and restrictions on kilometres driven, unlike many of its competitors.

Revv wanted its platform to minimize the mental bandwidth required for its customers and present pricing and regulations as transparently as possible.

  • The prime challenge in the customer side app was to incorporate identity verification, establish credentials as a driver and track the delivery of the car. The design and process flow needed to build credibility in the product.
  • The valet side app needed to enable doorstep delivery of the car in record time accurately using navigation.
  • The platform side needed to allow real time visibility of cars.


Click Labs’ end to end solution consists of a valet side app, customer side app and a platform management system. Some salient features are:

  • Customer Side App :The customer side app allows identity management, booking, real time tracking of the car, payment and reviews. JungleWorks provided customers the opportunity to directly step into the booking procedure without creating an account, which aided ease of access.
  • Robust Nerve Center : A robust nerve center solution for the platform manager allows real time visibility viz. a viz., location of every car in the field.


With differentiators such as unlimited kilometers and doorstep delivery of the car, the platform has seen a lot of traction since its launch in Q3’14 and has already spread to 4 cities. Key outcomes on the platform include:

  • Traction is high on the platform as customers can make new bookings, reschedule or cancel anytime of the day
  • A payment wallet plugged into the system enables faster refunds
  • The checklist provided for each car delivery presents all aspects related to the car clearly and saves time spent in answering inquiries by the consumer
    Payment from within the app ensures that time spent in manual cash exchange is nil
  • An enhanced calendar UX helps keep track of all your bookings in one place

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