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Case Study: Hitch

By Madhura Yale 20th June 2018

Putting passengers in direct contact with drivers when they need a ride

Hitch is Bermuda’s first electronic pre-arranged taxi booking app, which puts passengers in direct contact with drivers, 24/7, with ease. It allows passengers to create an account, book taxis, split fares, and process transactions electronically, completely eliminating the need to carry cash.


JungleWorks had to create an Uber-like app for Hitch allowing only licensed taxi drivers to sign up on the platform.

  • Hitch needed to pinpoint location of customers and drivers so that they could be matched efficiently
  • Customers had to be able to track drivers and their time of arrival
  • Payments had to be integrated so that the need for carrying cash was obviated
  • Estimated fare based on destination had to be displayed to the customer
  • Users needed to be verified and registered with ease on the platform
  • An inbuilt review and feedback system needed to source trust on the platform



JungleWorks solution had to relieve the inefficiencies of manual booking of taxis and make every stage of the process as transparent as possible.

  • The algorithm built for Hitch by JungleWorks matches customers to nearest drivers
  • Drivers can indicate when they are temporarily off duty or taking a break and request won’t be directed to them
  • Customers can track movement of taxis and know the estimated time of arrival
  • Customers can plug in their cards that will be automatically charged for payment
  • Drivers and customers can rate each other and provide reviews
  • Drivers sign up by providing copies of their driving license and taxi license



  • Hitch signed up 50 drivers within a few days of its launch
  • It has seamlessly connected drivers and passengers in Bermuda, making their interactions real time
  • It has made billing convenient and detailed for both passengers and drivers
  • With less cash on hand and passenger information at their fingertips, it has significantly reduced the risk of crime, keeping drivers safer

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