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Reasons for Choosing the Best Multi-Vendor Marketplace Template

By Priyanka 22nd April 2021

Designing has an element of perception in it. What you perceive as beautiful can be bland and lackluster for someone else. It becomes a major talking point if you are managing a multi-vendor e-commerce store.

At Jungleworks, we often get the query – How does choose an appropriate multi-vendor marketplace template help? The one-line answer we give – helps you better cater to your merchants.

If you have the same question, it is imperative to understand that there are multiple considerations when choosing a suitable multi-vendor marketplace theme. Things would have been easier if there were only a handful of themes to choose from, but it is the other way round. The internet is filled with thousands of templates, and you will have to pick one out from the sea.

The Role of Templates In Multi-vendor Marketplace Website Designing

Designing is a crucial element of every website that goes live. You either have to spend money on hiring designers to build everything from scratch, or you can use pre-built themes from stores like Yelo to construct an equally potent product at a fraction of the cost. The choice is straightforward. 

Here are the reasons for choosing the best multi-vendor marketplace theme – 

  • You Save Money on a Recurring Basis– When you choose a multi-vendor marketplace template from Yelo, we build something similar for you, albeit a bit differently. Saving every Rupee is crucial for your business, especially if it is a startup. It is imperative to understand that building a custom website requires a lot of time and resources. If you opt for templates, it would cut you a lot of slack and give you access to reserves at a fraction of time and cost. This way, you can cut off the developer fee, which is often the dominant part of the total cost of building a website. 
Save Money on a Recurring Basis

Templates are easier to manage. Custom websites are not. Choosing a pre-built theme also ensures that you will not have to contact the developers unnecessarily in the future, and you can do the minor repair work yourself, or your in-house technical team can take care of it. 

  • Templates Help You Go Live Faster Or Make The Requisite Changes Timely– There is cutthroat competition, and you run at a risk of losing a majority of customers if you give your competition even an inch of space. Building a custom website that often takes weeks to culminate is detrimental for your business prospects in such a scenario. Selecting a multi-vendor marketplace theme gives you a head start, allowing you to deploy your content and offerings without compromising quality rapidly. Be it going live for the first time or running a periodic update, using a template will enable you to curtail the overall time required for incorporating the design elements.
  • You Get a Lot of Nifty Features, Packed In And Zipped For You– A multi-vendor marketplace website template not only helps you get your website ready in record time but can also give you access to a lot of nifty features that you would otherwise not have thought of or missed. It is imperative to understand that each of these templates is a solution and not merely an addition. Brands like Yelo ensure they bake in the right features, allow you to populate, and make the tweaks to help you build the best version of your website. Considering the thought process that goes into building templates, there is a low chance of you running into issues with it. All of it enables you to not only manage your website better but also focus on your core competencies.
  • The Choice is Endless– An individual designer or a group of designers can give you only a handful of options. But imagine a plethora of designers, each dedicating months, at times, in building their products, allowing you to access their pre-built themes? The choice is endless, and you get more room to try something new. Who is the one benefitting the most? You. You get access to a world of extensive, well-designed website templates, and you can use the most suitable one to topple your competition. 
  • Timely Updates-When you build a custom website, you will have to request the developers to inculcate specific updates. But when you use templates from Yelo, a team of developers is already continually working on improvements to fine-tune them. Updates are an integral part of augmenting your customer experience. You must choose the options that reduce downtime and enable you to reap the rewards.

List of Yelo Multi-vendor Marketplace Templates 

With Yelo, we offer you a host of themes to choose best for your business. Here is a list of all the available multi-vendor marketplace templates from Yelo – 

  1. Frontier
Yelo Multi-vendor Marketplace Templates


  • It caters to all food business types.
  • It is a full-width style theme and offers optimum flexibility.
  • It packs in a host of features to augment your customer experience endeavours.
  1. Clap Clap
restaurant business theme


  • It is a theme dedicated to the restaurant business.
  • It has a minimalistic design letting users focus more on the services on offer.
  • It lets you configure most of the features seamlessly.
  1. Dash Dash
wide array of businesses in the food industry.


  • It caters to a wide array of businesses in the food industry.
  • It offers extra features that businesses can add in a few clicks.
  • It is a fully responsive theme with an emphasis on looking clean across devices.
  1. Laasos
modern design language


  • It comes with a modern design language.
  • It caters well to cloud kitchens and other food delivery businesses.
  • It has a visual appeal of its own, enabling you to improve the customer experience.
  1. Handymen
premium customisations


  • It is intuitive and is visually appealing.
  • It is easy to set up and edit.
  • It has support for a wide array of premium customisations.
  1. Tewiggy 
change UI as per your need for food delivery business


  • It caters well to food delivery businesses.
  • You can tweak even the minutest aspect of the UI to your liking.
  • It is fully responsive. 
  1. Bliss 
minimalistic theme


  • It is a fast, minimalistic theme to let your visitors move easily across your website.
  • It offers high compatibility with premium add-ons.
  • It is SEO-optimised to up your conversion rate.

Getting Website Templates From Yelo Means That You Are Getting Much More Than Merely the Product

The reason for considering a multi-vendor marketplace template is straightforward – you need a product that would augment your customer experience and make it easier for people to understand your offerings.

With Yelo’s templates, you get the benefit of building a professing website in a clutter-free manner. We specialize in creating themes that are fast, responsive, and easy to tweak. It enables you to plug in your resources without the need for writing elaborate and complex codes.

Click here to check out Yelo’s multi-vendor templates. We also build customized templates to suit your specific requirement. 

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