Core Features

Multi-vendor Marketplaces

Search & Filter

Search by keywords, dates, categories, and on a map. Filtering and sorting by price, name, and brands are also enabled.

Fully Customized

Yelo can be customized to its full extent. We leave enough room for personalization of themes and layouts

Social Logins

Yelo allows the flexibility to users on your marketplace can register and sign in with their Facebook and Google accounts.


The chat function allows users to contact sellers on the marketplace. Buyers can see find the conversation history with the seller.


Allow users the flexibility to pay via debit cards, credit cards, cash or integrate your own payment processors too.

Ratings & Reviews

Generate a positive reputation and create accountability and ensure quality control on your products and services.

Seller Portal

Product catalogue

Easy and quick process to add products allows your sellers to start selling at the earliest.

Favorite Products

Featuring favorite products helps in speeding up a customer through the sales funnel.

Track Inventory

Seller gets notified whenever an item is about to go out of stock or a product is shipped.

Import/Export Feature

Quick and easy data migration in CSV format allows easy transition from traditional platforms to Yelo.

Review Management

Manage all the reviews that you want to show in the reviews section.


From sign-ups to first time purchases, grab every opportunity to entice and hook your audience.

Admin Portal

Inventory Management

Modify content, remove items, view out of stock items and send reminders to vendors to re-stock.

Review & Approve Products

You can choose to review and approve all products before they go live on your marketplace.

Product categorisation

Define a hierarchy of categories that your vendors will choose from on how to classify their products.


Your marketplace administration dashboard has quick glance statistics of sales, product levels and new accounts.

Sales Reports

Analyse which vendors and products are performing the best on your marketplace as well as those that aren't.

Custom Homepage

Customise your design, Change button colours, add new panels to your landing page, create a call-to-action button


Bidder's Privacy

Keep details about bidders and customers 100% secured with our fully protected systems.


Allows for questions and conversations inside the service marketplace without sharing the personal details of the users.

Pricing Model

Transaction model allows for reverse bidding in real-time where customers post their requirements and multiple merchants bid for the lowest bid to win the order.


Match Algorithms

Internal algorithms allow automatic matching of product offerings with buyer requirements in any specific category and immediately both the seller and buyer are notified about the same.


Users can search for rentals using the search-by-location feature which is fully integrated with Google Maps for seamless location management.

Pricing Model

Transaction model is based on a platform pricing method which allows for a percentage of transactions on every rental.