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    London: Analyzing On-Demand Potential

    The Uber case in London had a ruling that worried many who wished to invest in the on-demand economy, and rightly so. By recognizing Uber as a conventional employer when the very system of operations is supposed to work differently, investors and entrepreneurs are shying away from adopting the same system. Flexibility is a key […]

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    Opportunity knocks in the On-Demand Healthcare sector

    The Top Tens In this era of highly personalized convenience at your doorstep, it is no surprise that consumer demands should soar as concerns the healthcare sector. If we take a look at the top 10 funded companies in the on-demand world and examine them by sector, then along with transportation and food delivery, healthcare […]

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    The Telehealth Revelation

    It doesn’t take a genius to figure the increasing need for healthcare services in today’s day and age. In the race toward economic development to enable generic well-being, healthcare is a sector that is eternal in its requirement, in whatever form one can imagine. Healthcare is also a sector that spans both pleasure and necessity. […]

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    Sharing Economy Analysis and Prophecies for 2016

    As the year ends, a period of reflection begins. This reflection is usually accompanied by anticipation, and resolutions for the future. NextJuggernaut wishes to impart something of note to all our readers – I sincerely hope you’ve found all our work insightful thus far. In that vein, this is a reflective/predictive post on the on-demand […]

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    Regional Uber for X: European Battlefields

    Sharing economy in Europe While the hallowed airwaves of San Francisco may dominate much of the on-demand news spectrum, the European continent has surged ahead in its own right. With technological capabilities to match, and a healthy thirst for market disruption, we see Europe slowly but surely embrace the spirit of the on-demand economy. Many Uber […]

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    On Demand Home Services: Words of Advice

    Live Life King Style The on-demand home services industry is a very profitable one, and is also an extension of the spirit of the on-demand economy. All kinds of convenience at your doorstep, to be sure. The home services ambit largely refers to services whose purpose revolves around working on residential homes. This includes repair, […]

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    Uber For Tutor: Disrupting Education

    The X Syndrome We’ve been seeing the rise of this for quite a while for me to not gawk at its exponential growth – I’m talking about the X syndrome, as far as the sharing economy is concerned. Sure, all startups needn’t follow this formula, but with no startup even coming remotely close to the […]

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    Attention! Design Principles Ahead for the UI Craftsman

    You are propelled into outer space. As you float into the great nothingness, the Earth comes into glorious view, a blue so deep that you have to take a moment to admire it. Admit it, the earth might as we be one of the most eye-catching things in the heavens. What if there’s a huge […]

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    IOT for Health: Enter Braincheck

    Those closely observing the sharing economy will notice the recent surge in investments as concerns the healthcare sector. From Practo to Heal, all sorts of apps are now making healthcare available remotely, and this has an extremely desirable consequence – the revolution of healthcare through the IOT. The Internet of Things (IOT) is a buzzword […]

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    The 32-Minute Promise: Unveiling Deliveroo

    The Who and the What Who are Deliveroo? Well, feigning ignorance about them in the on-demand world would be problematic. Deliveroo happens to be one of the most efficient food delivery companies, based in London. The UK has one of the most favorable on-demand markets and this startup has just been valued at one billion […]

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