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Building a Marketplace like Airbnb or Etsy has never been easier

We are launching ‘Tiger’ the right place to build your own peer-to-peer marketplace platform. Now, build a marketplace like Airbnb or Etsy in less than 586 seconds. 

At Jungleworks, we understand that starting a business is not easy and requires dedication and passion. Each business owner tries to add a new flavour to the industry and requires a particular tech stack and integrations. To facilitate this, we are now launching our Yelo Peer-to-Peer marketplace platform as a standalone product ‘Tiger.’ 

We now have a dedicated Engineering and Support team to help you build, scale and grow your business. We guarantee faster feature development and lesser time to market for your marketplace business. 

Tiger – Powerful & Fully Customizable Peer-to-Peer marketplace solution. 

Feature Overview:

  1. Fully Customizable Landing Page 
  2. Professionally Designed Themes
  3. Native Mobile Applications for iOS and Android 
  4. Global Payment gateways Integrated 
  5. Merchant Commission settlement through Stripe
  6. Unlimited Transactions & Users
  7. Unlimited Listings
  8. Buy/Sell Marketplace
  9. Integrated Delivery Management Software
  10. 25+ Language and Social Media Integrations

Build your own community to facilitate sharing.

The sharing economy has seen enormous growth. Marketplaces like Airbnb, Booking.com and MakeMyTrip have about a million transaction daily by just matching Supply with Demand. 

Tiger has been built incorporating the latest features and technologies to help entrepreneurs succeed using the Peer-to-Peer marketplace platform. 

Promotional Banners, Accounting Integrations, Advanced Analytics and Chat support Tiger has in-built features to provide the best user experience for its customers. 

Have an Idea to solve a problem catering to a niche community? Try out Tiger free for 14 days; it doesn’t cost anything.

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