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Does a POS system help a business to enhance customer experience?

By jwork 13th August 2019

Does a POS system help a business to enhance customer experience?

Imagine you are at a supermarket shopping for your monthly groceries. While shopping, you are not able to find certain items from your shopping list. When you ask the supermarket attendant, he is not able to help you find them or suggest other available options. Despite this, you continue your shopping. At last, you pay at the checkout counter and leave. Would you return to this store in the future?

Probably no. According to a study,91% of customers are likely to shop with businesses who can remember their customers and offer relevant promotions and suggestions. Every business needs to leverage this number to acquire and retain loyal customers. And how can you do this?

Adopting a cloud-based POS system, businesses can enhance the customer experience throughout the customer journey.

Let us go back to the supermarket scenario and see how the POS system tackles day-to-day problems in a store.

POS helps in Inventory Management

Equipping your attendants with POS software on mobile devices, they can quickly input the item name or brand name and inform the customer about the variants and its prices. That’s not all. The attendant can also inform about the available product bundles offers as well. Customers are likely to visit those stores where they receive a personalized experience.

POS helps in Inventory Management
Product Variants And Bundles

In simple words, POS software helps in inventory management . Managers can easily track inventory with the POS. They can track the stock as it comes in and goes out of the store.

POS helps in Customer Management

At the checkout counter, cashiers ask customers for a contact number. This nine-digit number is key to building a strong relationship with your customers in the long run. Not only does the POS stores customer information, but it also records loyalty points or store credits. The cashier can inform about available discounts on previously purchased items as well.

POS helps in customer management
Customer Management

50% of customers allow retailers to save purchase history and personal history. Business can inform customers about the latest offers, promotions, and trends via email or text messages. When businesses engage with customers with personalized suggestions and discounts, it increases customer loyalty.

POS helps in Employee Management

Well, the role of POS does not only end with customers and suppliers. The POS system helps a business to engage employees as well. Store managers can add or modify the profile. They can monitor the employees working hours. Managers can monitor floor activities and track performance as well

Juggernaut POS
POS Employee Login

In conclusion…

Using a cloud-based POS system, businesses are no longer burdened with day-to-day activities. Businesses can focus more on improving the customer experience. So if you are looking to purchase a new POS system or replace your existing POS system, ensure it is a robust system with all these essential functionalities.

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