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    Getting Grubhub-ed: Taco Bell and KFC

    ON DEMAND FOOD ECONOMY The rise of on demand offerings is transforming the way people live and how they consume products and services. The on demand food economy has also disrupted the traditional market by building on ‘convenience‘. These food startups help to save time and put in less effort, which of course is appealing. […]

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    'Uberfication of Enterprises': The Need of the Hour

    Disruptive Innovation can hurt, if you’re not the one doing the disrupting. Sure, disruption can be inconvenient at first but it’s a humongous opportunity to grow, especially when the market demands it. UBER AND ‘UBERFICATION’ On a New Year’s Eve, Garrett Camp, The Founder of Uber, spent $800 hiring a private driver with friends and […]

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    Hotels Going Airbnb-ish!

    Airbnb has not only inspired communication, it has ‘made a room for itself’ in the hearts of many. While the early initiatives in “social travel” revolved around virtually offering people a place to stay and sharing experiences, networked hospitality businesses turned the exciting concept of having people from different countries, castes, and religions stay at […]

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    IOT and On Demand Apps

    IoT is described as a network of connected devices implanted with sensors causing these devices to communicate, analyze and share information about the world around us. Research reveals that when buyers are shopping for Internet Of Things they ask for apps that will go along with them and so manufacturers are aware that without these […]

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    How PopMyDay did it Right: Start-up Story

    Founded by two HEC Graduates, Morgane L’Hostis and Charles Berenguer, Popmyday is a new disrupting beauty app to book all your beauty and wellness appointments, anywhere, anytime, at the tap of button. Either at home or at your office, after work hours or during the weekend. Popmyday services range from makeup to hair, nail and […]

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    The Rise of On-Demand Healthcare

    On-demand services are the current order of the technology-driven world, and its welcome by the masses has changed the way businesses all across the globe are functioning. Healthcare is an important segment, where immediate fulfilment of requests means immediate treatment of certain injuries and illnesses, which definitely works wonders for a society where health is […]

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    A Day in the Life of an On-Demand Consumer

    The on-demand economy has radically altered our lifestyles. It promises instant gratification, convenience and surprisingly low costs – all at the touch of a button. This package has made it possible for the on-demand consumer to make savings both in costs and time. How do these savings factor into an average on-demand day? Here’s a […]

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    Uber and the Aspiring Entrepreneur

    The Fear A lot of our scenarios place you, the reader, in the position of the aspiring entrepreneur in the on-demand space. While we’ve had endless posts for prepping and equipping you for your next big idea and your next big disruption, we haven’t quite addressed the fear of competition by name: the ubiquitous Uber. […]

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    Heal: New Healthcare served the Old Fashioned Way

    Most of our posts have been detailing the healthcare sector to be one of the most lucrative, and recommending new players to enter the market since many factors conjoin to make a favorable time to invest. Shoddy extant architecture and the decentralization of the healthcare system, from the reactive to the proactive has engineered much […]

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    GoPlated is serving excellent lunches, On-demand- Client Success Story.

    We all need to eat. In addition to this, the food needs to be nutritious, healthy and delicious. And don’t forget affordable. For breakfast and dinner, this can be arranged in the comfort of one’s home, but for lunch it may become a bit trickier. Especially if you need to spend time running around looking […]

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